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Remove all bibles from Earth they lie Abraham is polytheistic not monotheism chu

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Cosmic Philosopher

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Whose Land? A History of the people of Palestine, by Dr. James Parkers, copyright 1949, 1970. Parkes wrote, Sir Leonard Wolley discoverer of Ur., suggested Abraham lived in polytheistic time, an age when people believed in, and worshipped many gods. Abraham left behind the civic deities in Ur., whose jurisdiction did not extend beyond the area controlled by their worshipers. But just at this period the worship of a family, or private, tutelary deity had become common among the inhabitants of Ur,and his family god would accompany its worshipers, even though they left the city. Abraham lived on the same Earth all people live on, just as we here today. He did not live in a fictional or metaphysical, falling angel Gabriel world. The clear context shows that Anunnaki were physical people of a god race from Nibiru, came to Earth and made an enhancement, of the fully evolved homo sapiens. By mingling, mixing their DNA with that of the Earthlings homo sapiens, to create us hybrid intelligent human beings. History speaks of Abraham, and his singlar monotheism god, in a physical context, not a spirit-God. There is a second example of the physical context of monotheistic god, involving the gods of Egypt. Akhenaten, of the ancient land of Egypt, came to know an exceptional period of agitation, and one of the most fascinating religious and spiritual experiments. Under the impetus of the pharaoh Amenophis (Amenhotep) IV- Akhenaten, and his beautiful and famous spouse Nefertiti ...Akhenaten 1352-1336 BC, Muhammad chose one god, from among hundreds of pagan gods. Akhenaten worshiping Aten with his family. We know why Christian bible call it spirit-God for evil gain.