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World history for procreation fecund Catholic church male sexual pleasure only.

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Married convert priests and sexual continence?I was listening to a podcast of Catholic Answers Live yesterday... it was a show from last week or so; Fr. Eugene Morris on priestly celibacy.    If I heard correct, Fr. Morris said that there is some controversy regarding whether Protestant clergy converts (generally Lutheran and Anglican) who petition their bishop to be ordained as Catholic priests (the "pastoral provision") should make a committment with their wives to practice sexual continence. [Continence meaning refraining from sexual relations even within marriage]. I know that in the history of the church, some married clergy have lived lives of continence, but I did not think this was an expectation with married priests today.   The word Fecund means: producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile. "a lush and fecund garden" synonyms:fertile, fruitful, productive, high-yielding. But Clerical celibacyis is the discipline within the Catholic Church by which only unmarried men are ordained to the episcopate, to the priesthood. Since 509 B.C. some Scandinavian Anglo Saxon men plan on changing the civilized polytheistic kingship society, into their beastial, and homosexual way of life. Thus the wrote what is called "The Puritan "Christian" Agenda." Or "The New World Order." The Jesus bible is the catalyst by which they accomplish the change.