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How Sperm Make The Difficult Journey Towards Fertilising An Egg

  • Broadcast in Sexuality
Cosmic Philosopher

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Researchers at the Universities of York, Birmingham, Oxford, and Kyoto University, Japan, found that the sperm’s tail creates a characteristic rhythm that pushes the sperm forward, but also pulls the head backwards and sideways in a coordinated fashion. Successful fertility relies on how a sperm moves through fluid, but capturing details of this movement is a complicated issue. The team aims to use these new findings to understand how larger groups of sperm behave and interact, a task that would be impossible using modern observational techniques. The work could provide new insights into treating male infertility. Dr Hermes Gadêlha, from the University of York’s Department of Mathematics, said: “In order to observe, at the microscale, how a sperm achieves forward propulsion through fluid, sophisticated, microscopic, high- precision techniques are currently employed. ”Measurements of the beat of the sperm’s tail are fed into a computer model, which then helps to understand the fluid flow patterns that result from this movement. “Numerical simulations are used to identify the flow around the sperm, but as the structures of the fluid are so complex, the data is particularly challenging to understand and use...     Here is my reflective response to this report.How conscious are people in gegeral, to the act of sex being reason for 7 billion population.  However I am more seriously concern about the Scandinavian and Denmark beastial-sex people; do they think about such ultra critical process and sperm head and tail in fluid, which is relevant to their sexual orgasm with beast.