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Catholic Monotheism Christianity Designed to Demolish Human History

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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Roman Catholic Pope, Cardinals and Priests hierarchy, feign to be honest and an authentic institution. They masquerade in fancy clothing the misnomer for pedophiles. Pope Benedict Joseph Ratzinger XVI rebuke the clergy  in 2005 for creating evil in the church-- but he is reported to have covered up many priests sexual abuse, before becoming Pope. Now he has resigned when the church in turmoil. It is reported that Marcial Maciel is the greatest fund raiser of the modern church, he initiated an order in the church called legionnaires of Christ, founded in 1941 with young people from many countries.  In 1947 Maciel invited a ten year old boy, name Daniel Funrocker to his bedroom one night. While he was there Marciel ask the boy to give him a belly rub, for pain he felt. He took the boy's hand and start to rub his belly. The boy said, next his hand was on Marciel's penis, and he felt sperm in his palm. He was confused, and the next day he went to Marciel, to tell him that he can't take the communion, because he comminitted a sin with him lastnight. Marciel reaches out for his hand and told him, no, I forgave you, it was not a sin but a charitable deed, because he was in pain, and got relief.  Now just think of your child in that situation, when you feel confident your son is safe, in the care of the priest.  Where is Jesus Christ who must deliver an innocenr child from this preditor.