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Bible with a spirit-God blasphemes anthropic human history. St. John 4:24

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The church is European crimenal business, that was started with the Romans violence, killing of Black people in Israel.   The Puritans are European  and they viewed themselves as a non-historic God special people, replacing national Israel. Nowhere do the dangers of this assumption become more clear than in the Puritans' treatment of the native Americans. Since the Puritans considered themselves God's chosen people, they concluded that they had the right to take the land from the heathen Indians. The American Indians were the "new Canaanites" in America's "Promised Land." The fruit of Puritan theology was brutal. They saw their mission as convert these "Canaanites" to Christianity; failing that, it was acceptable to slaughter them in the name of Christ.  They created the fictional spirit-God of your Christianity bible; to get people reject the anthropic existence of world history with the vivid account of hybrid intelligent human beings.  Is it possible then, to logically use Christian theology to assertively reject authentic history.  Is not the bible grossly evil when it admonish believers their minds are to be unnatural for the bible to  make sense to them?  Tell of how you can be psychologically unnatural, before written information make sense to you? And in that view, the bible has to be anything but sanity; because its context of unnatural in place of natural; means: violating natural laws, deviate from right behavior, ethics and social norm-  contrived and artificial, outrageously volating natural or proper feelings; its inhuman.  The bible is 100% of no good when it rejects real history of people place and real time, contrived lies about a spurious evil character called God.