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Anthropic Kingship portfolio of Enlil,Chief Administrator The Anunnaki on Earth

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Enlil was one of the supreme deities of the Mesopotamian pantheon.

He decreed the fates, his command could not be altered, and he was the god who granted kingship. His temple, é-kur, the "Mountain House," was located in the city of Nippur, the religious centre of Mesopotamia up until the second millennium BCE....Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses - Enlil/Ellil (god) - Oracc... Functions

There has been much debate concerning the writing, etymology, and hence meaning of Enlil's name. These elements are important to discuss because they also relate to an analysis of this deity's functions. The writing and reading of this deity's name is not certain (see below), and even if we do read den-líl, the translation of "líl" is contentious. 
With all of the anthropic historic evidence, of past reigning high sovereign dieties, our ancestry, why did the 600 B.C. European wrote the monotheism holy Christian bible, that is full of so-called revelation and lies.