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Mad white man says his God ordered him to kill Black people, but why

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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Jul 19, 2011 - Director, Black Swamp InterTribal Foundation .... The Puritan fathers believed they were the Chosen People of God ... In this massacre, 80 Native People were killed and their severed .... Also do not put on “Pilgrim and Indian” pageants or plays (unless they are historically accurate and tellthe story from the ...

White man made himself superior and the black man inferior...  Now as Europe launched forward to a new realization of beauty, a new freedom of thought and religious belief, a new demand by laborers to choose their work and enjoy its fruit, uncurbed greed rose to seize and monopolize the uncounted treasure of the fruit of labor.   Yes, labor was degraded, humanity was despised, and the theory of “race” arose. There came a new doctrine of universal labor—mankind  were made in two sorts –the superior and the inferior; the inferior toiled for the superior; and the superior were the real men, the inferior half men of less.    Among the white lords of creation there were “lower classes” resembling the inferior darker folk. Where possible they were to be raised to equality with the master class. But no equality was possible or desirable for “darkies.” In line with this conviction, the Christian Church, Catholic and Protestant, at first damned the heathen blacks with the “curse of Canaan,” then held out hope of freedom through “conversion,” and finally acquiesced in a permanent status of human slavery.