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Black Jews Lost The Commonwealth 2016 years Ago... Are Whites Jews Today

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Cosmic Philosopher

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Demographic history of Palestine: Applebaum argues that in the Herodian kingdom, there were 1.5 million Jews, a figure Ben David says covers the numbers in Judea alone. Salo Wittmayer Baron estimated the population at 2.3 million at the time of Roman emperor Claudius (reigned 41-54). According to Israeli archeologist Magen Broshi, west of the Jordan River the population did not exceed 1 million. The precedence of Jerusalem monotheism Christianity did not start from previous time in Egypt. In the book Whose Land; A History of the People of Palestine, Dr. James Parks chronicled how the Roman did evil aftet the 63 B.C  invasion of Israel commonwealth. The Black Hebrews were conqured, in the A.D. 66 - 70 war. The last three centuries of Roman rule were a time of

 increasing tragedy for the Jews who formed the majority of the population...but its total dwindled to under a quater of a million people. Roman legislation was the basic reason for its decline, gradually impose of the Jews the ststus of second-class citizenship, and were forbidded to occupy or rebuild their synagogues, barred from holding public offices.  They were dispursed from the country as slaves to Rome and the Rhineland.   In this case were the  Roman avarice (amass wealth) working for the Black Hebrew Jews or for white people?