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White people used fraud to become spiritual Israel got nowhere without it

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Israel In The Land  of Egypy:   The history of the Israelite nation began in Egypt, the land of Ham. They entered Egypt 66 in number, (not including Joseph, his wife and two sons who were already in Egypt), and left numbering over two million people. Ancient Israel spent 430 years in Egypt. For half that time they enjoyed good favor with the Egyptians, but for the remainder of those years they were enslaved and horribly mistreated by them.

One of the  facts  scripture gives us about Israel (Ysrayl in the Hebrew tongue), is in regard to their physical appearance. Throughout scripture Israel is described as looking like the sons of Ham (Khawm in the Hebrew tongue), in physical appearance.

Ham was one of Noah's three sons, Shem and Japheth were the other two. Noah's descendants repopulated the earth after the Great Flood. Ham's descendants are traced to the families of Africa.  Ham (Khawm) in Hebrew means BLACK, HOT AND BURNT.
Ham had four sons,

1.  CUSH (Ethiopians / Cushites & Nubians),
2.  MIZRAIM (Egyptians / Khemet),
3.  PHUT (Ancient Libyans or Somalia),
4.  CANAAN (Canaanite, the original inhabitants of the land of Israel) genesis 10:6-19.