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History Said You Were Born Natural Why The Bible Says You Were Born In a Curse?

  • Broadcast in Religion
Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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Something in people calls commonsense and it enables one to have the power of disernment, which is an ability to know  when a situation is right or wrong; e.g., your good history vs the evil bible. You should know the word history represents, the record of people's actions and things of the past. Contrasted with the bible which means, sacred book of the Christians.If you have commonsense, you will compare the value of history to the value of the bible. Intelligent thinking moves you to discern that history tells us, human beginning started in Africa, by beings called Gods. They used fertlization in vitro--in glass tubes to create us and taught us. We were never curse by the cerators, as the bible in contrast says, that a spirit God made us from the dust of the ground. How do you know which side to accept, what instrument in your head must be used to see the difference--betweem natural congruency, opposed to the spurious meaning and basis the bible contains?  If you have good sense, you will see that the bible started out telling lies, that it takes a unnatural and foolish mind to believe in them.