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Apostle Hubbard

The Apostolic Authority Radio Network


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The Apostolic Authority Radio Network is a media outreach ministry for Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center. This program releases engaging topics, powerful revelation as well as discuss current events that is happening in the body of Christ as well as the world.

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Today's show deals with the spirit of unforgiveness as many people travel through this life they will encounter people, situations and circumstances that will break their spirits, corrupt their common sense, and have them hating themselves as... more

Apostle Hubbard releases an empowering and colorful revelation in Devastated By My Destiny as he brings powerful prophetic insight and apostolic order to make sense of the trials many believers maybe facing in this season. Apostle Hubbard... more

Apostle Hubbard releases an empowering messages as he ask the question What's New In You he gives invaluable insight, direction and understanding of a true encounter with Christ should change a believers life meaning you... more

Apostle Dedric Hubbard deals with the qualifications of Christ death in attempt to rebuke leaders who teach a gospel opposite what Christ represented while living on earth. He reveals often simple overlooked qualities that are being taken for... more

Many young individuals in ministry are scrambling to find their identity and as a result they are using religious tactics to find their identities. Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful word for them in their season as he declares God is about to... more

Prophet Hubbard releases an empowering messages to those who have trouble understanding the new revelation God is releasing on the earth in this season. In today's broadcast Don't Feed Me With Meat he deals with the way people... more

We live in a society of Christian religion in which many believers ears are being tickled so that the leaders and prophets can obtain the filthy lucre but God always have a voice in the wilderness set aside to speak the truth. Prophet Hubbard... more

No stranger to controversy and religious traditions Prophet Hubbard goes in depth into the origins of Christmas as he challenges the leaders to live by the Gospel they so love to preach be careful this revelation is guranteed to shake the very... more

In the past few days many have become agitated, upset and angered of the deaths of black males but in the midst of all this confusion God always have a voice on hand to make sense of the confusion. Prophet Hubbard releases a... more

Many believer are living their lives exsisting and not living they have become enveloped into a life of cycles going around the mountain just as the children of Isreal. But God sends an on-time word through Prophet Hubbard as he teaches... more