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7 mins of seed sowing Grace.

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The mystery of kingdom is abundance of the seed. There are Master sowing secrets. Sowing is a masterpiece of god

The process of the seed!

Once the conditions have been satisfied for the process of seed germination, it is just a matter of time that they turn into a seedling. Some seeds, especially the ones with hard coats like the sunflower, morning glory, dates, acorn, corn, etc. need a couple of hours pre-soaking to speed up the germination of seeds.


After the seeds are sowed, and the soil misted with water, it (water) gets absorbed by the seeds through its coat, and provides moisture to the embryo nestled in it. This activates enzymes that help in duplication of plant cells, and also gets them to use the energy or food stored in the seed to start nourishing the embryonic plant. With all the nourishment, the embryo becomes too large, and bursts open through the seed coat, in search of light to start its process of photosynthesis, and thus, the growing plant emerges. During the same time, even the roots sprout and head down in search of more food from the soil. Both the root and plant shoot move downwards and upwards, simultaneously and respectively. In no time then, you will see the seedling force its way through the soil.