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The Word of God,through Jesus Christ,Street & Outreach Telecast


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A Telecast where The Word of God is taught Raw & UNcut,in Jesus' Name.Grab your pens and pads and Bibles,as we feast IN God's Word! 203-745-8162-24hrs.

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DIFFERENT examples are shown in Scripture about how Blessings HAD to be fought for at different times. SOME were LOST anyway,and SOME were restored.Still,there HAD to be a FAITH FIGHT.Spiritual Warfare is necessary... more

Brother Adam. Sister Eve.2 People that God placed ON THIS EARTH.They were ALL ALONE in The Garden.ACTUALLY,they were the ONLY HUMANS in The Garden of Eden.The OTHERS that had ACCESS to The Garden was God The... more

Many times,there are people who claim that God hath called them to do something.They try to be what their SEASON HASN'T PROVED them to be. The Scripture says to 'make FULL PROOF of thy Ministry",(2 Timothy 4:5)...but if... more

MANY have went out before it was time for them to GO out. The Vineyard is God's,The Lord of The Harvest is God...The SHEEP BELONG to God...GREEN GRASS is GIVEN BY God...and the LABOURER is sent OUT BY God...He hath... more

"THE COMFORT ZONE is just that:a ZONE of comfort.An AREA of comfort.We ALL have one...But GOD wants to be our Comfort Zone.He called Himself 'I AM' when Moses asked what His Name was...God is still reminding us TODAY,that... more

Job...a King UNDER attack BY a kingDOM.a demonic kingdom.ALL of Hell was coming against him.and on earth,he had his wife,his three friends...and a young boy ALL trying to counsel him.NONE of them were talking Godly.That's what... more

Poor Brother Job...went from being a King,to being someone UNDER attack BY a kingdom. a demonic kingdom.ALL of Hell was coming against him.and on earth,he had his wife,his three friends...and a young boy ALL trying to... more

Spiritual Warfare is very tedious...very demanding...time consuming...and dangerous! It can either be successful,or a failed fight...depending on WHO YOUare and WHERE you are...in The Lord.If you're a babe in Christ,you have... more

Often time,Jesus' earthly Ministry was very much MISunderstood.Even to THIS day,His earthly Ministry is MISunderstood.The Jesus of The Bible is DIFFERENT than the Jesus of people's BELIEF.The jesus that most people,including THE... more

"There has been MUCH "theology" over the years that have been TOLD to us to be THE TRUTH,when it comes to God.Yet,THE LORD told us to SEARCH The Scriptures,in John 5:39,KJV,and we SHOULD DO that.See,when you SEARCH... more
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