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Hello Everyone, I am Apostle Antonia Schupback. I started this radio broadcast in November 2012 and by April 2013 God was approving me to go on. God was testing me, as He does All His servants, and I past. God has settled me in or I like to say He planted me into this place to keep speaking for Him. Since 2008 I have taught the word of God, and in 2009 He rapture me to heaven where He anointed me His Apostle over the younger generation. I pioneer a church called The Emerald Garden Fortress, and I am currently studying at the Indiana Wesleyan University. I have an Associates Degree in Christian Ministry, and April of 2014 I will have a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies. Then I am off to the Wesleyan Seminary for my Master in Divinity. I also am I writer and hope to get published very soon. I take prayer request by email the_seer_61@live.com don't hesitate to leave them. 2013 I became an International Ministry, in Africa-Pakistan-India.............. WELCOME to the next chapter of the Fortress "Life Counsel Towards Spiritual Living." This is a the place you can get wise counsel to something that is holding your life back from all God's goodness. We were made to prosper not live lives that rot and die. Get life and live!

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CALL IN- 9 AM EST AMERICAN TIME- This is a new show that we see with spiritual vision on everyday living situations. Do not understand why something is happening? Do you know what God is up to? The word says that God makes... more

THIS IS A CALL IN SHOW - Please Call in and voice how you would help a child learn to be wise in this evil times. OUT OF THE MAIL BAG- A woman wrote to me asking how she can help her children live wise and make right choices for... more

Welocme to Sunday service in the Emerald Garden Fortress for Sunday June 6, 2014. The name of this sermon is called: Living Rightly Among the Sinners Comes from text- 1Peter 2:11-12 On my new show-"Life Counsel" there was a... more

Please Call in--And voice what you think! Or just call in for some plain biblical spirtual advice. _________________ We had two good calls that came in yesterday where we observed what was a spiritual life and what was not a... more

When we talk about living spiritual it is an issue of the soul. The decision how you will live only can come from deep with in your self. The church wants everyone to look deeper into the word of God, but one cannot look deep into the word... more

BRAND NEW - THE NEXT CHAPTER OF "MESSAGES TOLD IN THE FORTRESS." ___________________________________________ What is "Life Counsel Towards Spiritual Living" about? Some times you just do not know... more

SOMETHING DIFFERENT- I have had good results playing music and praying for people as the music is play. Many blessings have manifested this way so lets do it again. Here is how this works: when you come on to listen to the music... more

This is a message I spoke in Uganda on this day. Why is was important that Jesus go back to the Father. Jesus was the second person God head that ushered the Holy Spirit here on earth. Jesus was not staying here on earth he... more

SOMETHING NEW! Saturday morning I will have prayer for personal growth. Also let us get a jump on having a good month of July. Lets have a good month not becasue it maybe a vacation month for you or a holiday but becasue Jesus is... more

I will ask about 7-8 question out of the Bible and you can see how well you understand what is in the Bible. They will be fill in the blank questions and true and fasle questions. If you do not know the Bibe that well you may surprise... more