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Apostle Antonia

The International Fortress


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THE INTERNATIONAL FORTRESS "Lifting Jesus up around the world." Greeting Saints of God around the world I greet you with a kiss of peace. I am Apostle Antonia founder of the Emerald Garden Fortress and Co-Founder of Child Mentoring Fortress in Bugiri, Uganda. In these last days the International Fortress is taken prayer and praise around the world. May God be glorified always!

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Jesus is the light of the world. The first words spoken out of Gods mouth when He created is "Let there be light," and there was light and God saw that the light was good and then He seperated the light from the darkness. This is the same principle of a person being born again. The light goes into them and they are taken out of the darkness to be in the kingdom of God through the light (Jesus Christ). The Holy Spirit is the one the Nicene Creed says proceeds from the Father and the Son---The Holy Spirit came 'hovering' over the water then God spoke (Gen 1)--- This is an amazing belief that all God heads were present at the time of creation and they still are present in this present time creating. Its a belief in Faith whether one believes or not.
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The story of King Josiah is an intime message how the world could use more leaders like King Josiah. His heart never strayed away from God even when he was faced to look at all the evil actions of his father. King Josiah's story is an... more

As a child of the Living God no attacks from the Devil can prevail over you. When you are filled with the presence of God there is no attack that can harm you. Remember that the gates of Hell cannot prevail over the church. When you step... more

If man makes up his own rules like the Pharisees did with the 'Corban' vow how will we see God's power? This is to bring an awareness of what happens when God's word is not received. It hurts people from receiving Gods promises and... more

USA Women need support from godly men to help them through some rough areas in their lives. God hears the prayers of the righteous man. Here in America, women have an advantage that many other women in the world do not have.... more

Let us see what the Holy Spirit wants to bring to us on this 21st day of June!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the fathers all around the world. The Holy Spirit has something in store for us as we all celebrate the day that honors all fathers. Let... more

John the beloved said "if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God and receives from him anything we ask," (1John 3:21-22). God's love in our hearts is the action of us being birn into God's family, this is what is the... more

We women in America may have the freedom that other women do not have in the world, but women in the USA have a different kind of problem. Most women have to suffer becasue they do not have the support that they need when... more

The Holy Spirit is not just the giver of gifts and the power in us to do the Will of God. He is much more than our gift he is a life giver, He helps transforms God's people to new life. I will attempt to show why the Holy Spirit is an important part... more

Looking at Luke 24 as proof of fulfulment of the Apostles Creed that says "On the third day He rose again. Taking a new look at Luke 24:13-35. Jesus walks with 2 men on a road 7 miles from Jerusalem. This was not just Jesus making an... more

We are going to engage in talking about the Trinity and how important it is to recognize all God heads. PLEASE CALL IN AND HELP DISCUSS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE THE HOLY TRINITY! But also why do you think its... more