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This show discusses the social implications of various security technologies.

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Stephen M. Soble serves as the Chairman & CEO of Assured Enterprises, Inc. (?Assured?), a growing cybersecurity company. Assured focuses on cyber risk identification, measurement, management and mitigation by providing unique goods and services to clients in banking/finance, critical infrastructure and government. Mr. Soble has had a career as an international commercial attorney and businessman, during which he represented numerous governments and dozens of Fortune 500 companies. He has held leadership roles in seven technology companies, before helping found Assured. An honors graduate of Syracuse University's Maxwell School, Mr. Soble pursued graduate studies at The London School of Economics, the University of British Columbia, Stanford University, National Taiwan University and The Harvard Law School, where he received his J.D. Assured Enterprises, formed in 2012, has a fresh approach to cybersecurity. Proactive cybersecurity is possible. The Assured Way is based on facts first, cost-efficiency and sound documentation. Assured identifies cyber risk, measures the risk, manages and mitigates the risk. One innovative product is beginning to change how the world sees proactive cybersecurity. Our scanning tool, AssuredScanDKV® identifies and shows how to eliminate software vulnerabilities buried in libraries, DLLs and executables. TripleHelix®, our comprehensive cyber risk system, yields, a Roadmap of recommendations to address risk in the client's ecosystem, plus a CyberScore®, Assured's fact-based, risk measurement system as well as any regulatory/compliance report requested. This is truly ?One Stop Shopping?—designed to assist boards and non-technical C-Suite executives as well as the CISO and CTO.
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