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This show discusses the social implications of various security technologies.

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Many businesses and corporations today are moving away from an On-Premise IT Infrastructure to one that is based in the Cloud. With this, the advantages are obvious: *Fixed and predictable pricing; *Scalability in just matter of seconds; *On demand software applications; *No maintenance and hardware/software upgrade and licensing fees. But, despite these advantages, the Cloud is still a prime target for the Cyberattacker. In these instances, you simply cannot manage your Cloud based Infrastructure on your own. You need the help of a Managed Services Provider, who can keep an on your IT Assets on a 24 X 7 X 365. You need a Provider that can help manage your Endpoint Protection, your Firewalls, your entire Network, as well as provide your IT Security staff with the latest Cyberthreat intelligence that is out there. In this podcast, we have both the honor and privilege of interviewing Mr. Tianyi Lu, the Chief Architect at Virtual Armor. Not only do they offer the above-mentioned services, but much more as well. Dial into our podcast to find the best ways to protect your Cloud Infrastructure!!!
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