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Apocalypse Nana

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Author Jacqueline Druga along with RW Clinger and Katelyn Rushe add a unique spice to all things survival and more so, in 2016, all things survival in the election year.

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Filliside You may or may not know of the word. It is the act of a parent killing their own children. As horrifying as it is, we look at the news daily and see new cases. It seems, that this trend is increasing. Fact remains, 20% of all murders in... more

Every generation since the dawn of time looked to the sky or an enemy, waiting for the end. We think it hasn't happened but man has faced extinction events. The great flood, bubonic plague Imagine if our ancestors had the visual mediums we... more

We all have different opinions. We all are affected differently by different situations.Nothing strikes more sadness into the hearts of Americans, than attack on their own soil. Terrorism is terrorism whether it's inspired by a... more

Here's the scenario… You're driving alone one night after a heated argument with a friend or your significant other. It's late, you decide to take the back roads home. No one really drives them and you enjoy the peacefulness. You want the... more

Because it was so much fun and well receieved last week, we are gonna do it again. The What if Show. And because Rob worked so hard on that synopsis last week and was out due to ilness, we are gonna let you take a look at his... more

WARNING!!! Some of you will survive this show. Most of you won't.Prepare for the real doomsday. Don't be in denial any more. It's happening right before your own eyes. It's here! You'd best be ready or face the penalty--death! Host, Jacqueline... more

We live in a time and place where everything is convenient. We have all the luxuries we could ever want. Above and beyond those, many of us have vices. A vice is defined as… a practice, behavior, or habit generally considered... more

"Apocalypse Nana" transcends time and space this week as Jackie, Rob, and Katelyn take on their most forward-thinking subject to date: psychics. From the Secret Doctrine of Helena Blavatsky to the predictions of Nostradamus*, Jackie... more

Think about it. Lick it up. Hug it. What do you say? Until the end of the time there will be relationships between and among both genders. As Celine Dion sang, "My Heart Will Go and On," even during the end of the world. So let's think... more

There are many things you may be thinking about. What to have for dinner, what to wear to work, should you break up and maybe even, what tantrum is Donald Trump tossing out today? Apocalypse Nana show covers a wide variety of topic... more