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A Peaceful Heart

The Path of A Peaceful Heart


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Welcome to The Path of A Peaceful Heart. We are a faith-based, heart-centered talk radio community for anyone seeking to grow in faith and develop personally and spiritually. Listen to a half hour of helpful and encouraging tips and advice that open the heart, uplift the spirit and renew the mind. Author, Facilitator, Coach and active mom Bobbi Brooks Wilcox provides discussions on integrating personal and spiritual development into family, work, health, and community. You'll hear helpful information and resources, simple spiritual practices, interviews with advice, insights, and tips from spiritual educators and practitioners, counselors, coaches, authors, and well-being experts. You'll also hear inspiring and uplifting healing heart stories from people who are walking a peaceful path themselves. Whether you are married, single, divorced, single parent or a grandparent seeking balance, meaning and peace in your life, The Path of A Peaceful Heart podcast community is for you. Check Bobbi Brooks Wilcox out at blog talk radio, iTunes, FaceBook, Linkedin, and Twitter. She releases episodes weekly. Thanks for stopping by.

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April Azzolino, Spiritual educator and coach, discusses "life purpose" from a spiritual perspective. April, who provides Spiritual Consultations on Angel Orientation, Inner Guidance and Personal Thrust, Awareness and Practicality,... more

What is healthy communication? Do you have healthy communication in your relationship? How do you deal with difficult people? Many of us weren't taught how to communicate in a healthy way. We observed how our parents... more

How many times have you heard, "You're too fat", "You're not good enough", "You don't have what it takes", "They'll never like you", "Who do you think you are?" "You can't do this." Does this sound familiar? Our mind produces up to 50,000... more

What is a spiritual heart? Is a spiritual heart equally important as our physical heart? How do we discipline ourselves to have a healthy spiritual heart? Sometimes it's necessary to discern the condition of our heart in our... more

A peaceful heart is a journey within. You can't always control your outside circumstances; the hardships in your life, your job or work, how much you earn, your relationships, a broken heart, how others treat you and talk to you.... more

Have you tried to forgive someone for a past offense but find yourself struggling with resentment and bitterness? Sometimes, if the offense is very hurtful, it can be difficult to forgive. How do you forgive someone when you're hurting?... more

Centering prayer is a simple spiritual practice that can help you to grow closer to God, relax, relieve stress, focus inward, gain clarity and understanding with inward struggles, listen for insight, and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.