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EP 10 Seattle Punk - Neutralboy - Shawn Durand - 13 Scars

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Anti-Social Commentary

Episode # 10

 Seattle Punk - Neutralboy - Shawn Durand - 13 Scars

Shawn Durand of the high energy variety punk band, "13 Scars"  and his pal Neutralboy chat with me following the Punk Rock Bowling Event in Nevada over the weekend.



Strange Reaction lives up to it's name with this review that almost takes a huge dump on their head, then sucks it back up suddenly...

I dunno how else to explain it,  read it for yourself http://strangereaction.com/2013/04/05/13-scars-13-scars/

I say they are awesome, I saw em live, they are super fun.

13 Scars were on tour from Seattle when we played with them, at The La Habra 300 Bowl, which I decided is offically my favorite venue and promoter, Kevin Mendoza. Always a great show.

They were really cool people, I felt like we were old friends after a while. We will definitely be planning a Seattle Tour in the near future.

I've never been to Seattle so I imagine it through the eyes of a young Nirvana fan, after "Smells Like Teen Spirit" blew up.

I remember the first time they played that song ever. I was listening to Rodney On The Roq I believe.

My whole class had just recently discovered Love Line and we would listen to Rodney while waiting for the show to start.

Beofre Nirvana'd debut, It was announced that this, was indeed, the world premiere of this band no one had ever heard of before. I couldnt avoid  those deoderant commercials, with the campaign set to "BRAINWASH."

It instantly spoke to everyone. Everyone fell in love with this song and this band, that no one had ever really heard of, until that day.

I started listening to the radio a lot more after that.

And they lived happily ever after...