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Part 1, of a 6 part series on all things Sacred Science. Author Crystal Clark is our guest. gofindtheothers(dot)com is the site for more details . . . .

I will be reading from a book entitled "Externalization of the Hiearchy" by Alice Bailey. Bailey was the president of the Theosophical Society and was the starter of Lucis Trust publishing. She is heavily linked in with the United Nations and... more

Ed Walker goes into the recent brutal murder of a former Marine by the dark ecstatic hordes known as SWAT. Ed also further delves into the reality that the Orwellian police state is rather more of a worldwide dark ecstatic ritual rather... more

Escape the Beast radio with Trey Alderson-Cloutier. This week I will be going through and commentating on a very important Bill Cooper broadcast called Ice: The Ultimate Disaster who was a book written by Tom Valentine, a... more

What does the topic of this show mean? Well, I have to ask the simple question, why is there so much rhetoric about revolution lately? Why is Bush about to go on trial for war crimes? Why is 9-11 truth becoming mainstream? Why is... more

Ed Walker delves into the world of the CIA, mind control, and the assassination of Robert F Kennedy. All ofe the aforementioned topics are linked into a giant conspiracy.

This is probably the most important show I will ever do in my life! WHAT ARE CROP CIRCLES, UFOS, ALIENS, GIANTS, ABDUCTIONS, WHY ARE ALL THESE THINGS HAPPENING? Is there a BIBLICAL basis for these things?... more

Over the past 20-30 years, technological advances has increased massively. Now we are on the verge of merging computer with man to create a "superhuman". Is this the beginning of a new golden age where mankind will... more

Ed Walker of Black Helicopter Radio interviews hip hop producer, DJ, and fellow truth seeker DJ Noriega! DJ Noriega produced the music for the very in depth Youtube series, "The Industry Exposed!" Topics include the Illuminati pop music... more

VERY important topic! I will be talking about the Theosophical Society going through many of the beliefs of these people. They are highly influential in our society today and are the foundation for the New Age movement today. Why... more
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