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Weekly program featuring today's news without the corporate slant, including the latest on people's struggles and building a Left challenge to the two-party system.

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Party News (:00) Racial Disparity in Chicago Public Housing, Part Three (:08) New UN Report on Climate Change: Can Capitalism Solve the Environmental Crisis? (:18) Standing Up to the Cops in Albuquerque (:32) U.S. Senate Armed... more

Announcements: Chicago Anti-Imperialism, CUSP, Socialism Book Reading (:00) Chicago: High Rise Stories, part two (:05) Britain and France: Why is the far-right on the rise? (:14)

Party Update (:00) War World: Washington nurtures imperialist conflict (:07) Apartheid Chicago (:22) Supreme Court further disenfranchises the working class (:45) Cuba moves toward capitalism (:50)

The Red Vine Memphis Anti-Racism Conference: Unity or Segregation? Ukraine Crisis: Shades of Conflicts Past Running for socialist unity Gay rights: Risk of co-optation

Memphis Anti-Racism Conference and the history of radical Civil Rights Remembering the Memphis race riots of 1866 Tony Benn: Death of a Labour Left The Democrats: not our party A few words on the Red Vine

Solidarity Alert: Ida B. Wells Anti-Racism Conference & Support for locked out workers in Memphis Lakota Winter Relief Ukrainian Fascism: For U.S. workers, is the main enemy at home? Not one more! Undocumented detainees hunger... more

Anti-Native American racists gathering strength: build a united front of workers and the oppressed! Class struggle unionism gets the goods New Communist Party of America and working-class candidates for office Indigenous People's... more

Bug eaters? Capitalism's food and energy "scarcity crisis" Fat-shaming and the struggle of women for body self-ownership Food and energy, continued Malaysia: Deforestation harms indigenous people and planet Fighting Keystone XL on... more

Announcing The Red Vine Update on the Indigenous Peruvians' Struggle Venezuela: U.S. Constitutionalism and Coup-Mongering Ukraine: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Interlude: Pete Seeger UAW loses union bid at Chattanooga:... more

Solidarity appeal for the Korean workers' struggle Gas mine project tramples over indigenous people in Peru; indigenous fight back Intersectionality and Marxism: The need for workers' and oppressed people's unity, not... more
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