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An interactive and revitalizing journey that breathes new life into the ancient lessons found in classical mythology. Broadcast LIVE twice monthly.

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Oct. 31 is called "The Final Harvest", or the "Harvest of Souls". It is the last celebration of what we've been able to reap over the past year, and also a time to go underground and focus on learning. This week's guest is Lindsay Morlock,... more

Every ancient culture has its myths about "The Guardians of the Sacred Fire". Before we can explore the mythology, first we must ask ourselves "Why was fire cosidered sacred?" (continue scrolling for more) Guardians of the hearth and... more

Crystals and gemstones have been prized for both their beauty and innate abilities for centuries. This weeks broadcast traces that history from our earliest civilizations to the present day. (continue scrolling for more info and helpful... more

An re-broadcast of the original 11/18 show "Kitchen Witchery", which had some terrible sound problems. Thank you for your patience in this matter, and thanks to the BlogTalkRadio staff for helping me find the source of the problem and... more

An edited version of this broadcast will be availabe shortly to account for poor sound quality in the original. Thank you for your patience This week, we'll be discussing Italian folklore. The rich Strega tradition, whose Etruscan roots have... more

Chiron the Wounded Healer has particular significance this month. In the Zodiac, he represents the sign of Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21), and fosters our ability to heal ourselves and others. Chiron's unique approach to healing our own... more

The Underworld is a metaphor for the Unconscious, where all of our fears and insecurites lie. It is where our "Dark Side" or Shadow resides. The Descent of Inanna, an ancient Sumerian myth, informs us of what we must surrender in... more

If you are at a crossroads, the myth of "Fatima the Weaver" will help you choose your path. This enlightening journey teaches us that we are indeed the sum of our life's experiences rather than defined by the present moment "The tapestry of... more
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