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ANT and NICK D'Agostino grew with a disability, and now they are out to show others their abilities! Identical twins who cannot stand, standing up for other people! Monday and Tuesday nights at 11 pm!

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Pro...cra...sti...nation. It plagues all of us, including NICK! Listen in as NICK tries to fight off this horrible thing, by not doing this episode tomorrow instead! JOIN US ON: Monday nights @ 11 pm: ANT... more

NICK discusses the phenomenon of plans falling through and what to do! Listen in! JOIN US ON: Monday nights @ 11 pm: ANT brings you the latest and hottest from the world of entertainment! Find your... more

There are SO many of us that take SO many things for granted in life. Most times, we have a chance to redeem ourselves and prioritize better. Unfortunately, life itself, when taken for granted and lost, does NOT give us a second chance.... more

You probably DON'T want to hear this... but many of you NEED to hear this! NICK calls out all of the people out there who seek superficial traits in their love interests and then turn around and have the audacity to expect something... more

ANT interviews MC Rob Carney. Carney has opened up for acts such as Rakim, Juelz Santana, Cory Gunz, and many other notable artists. Listen in! BUY THE ALBUM! CARNEY'S FACEBOOK JOIN US ON:... more

NICK discusses responsibility and how we must personally fight the battles that we choose and the battles that come upon us. He delves into the topic of accountability and the importance of it! JOIN US... more JOIN US ON: Monday nights @ 11 pm: ANT brings you the latest and hottest from the world of entertainment! Find your rhythm! Tuesday nights @ 11 pm: NICK speaks, listens, and instructs you how to fly!... more

All of us, however young or old, strong or weak, have fought a battle with depression. It may have lasted an hour, or perhaps it has yet to subside. Depression is a SERIOUS disorder that can have TRAGIC consequences.... more

Delicate Steve (Steve Marion) is one of the most unique and acclaimed musicians in the world! His mastery with a guitar has landed him on Red Bull's list of the top 30 guitarists in the world, under the age of 30! Along his worldwide tours,... more
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