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The Annoying Peasant Radio program is a discussion of a society without the use of aggressive force. The program is an attempt to teach, to learn, to inspire and to have some fun along the way. We take a learned approach - not a purely academic approach. The Annoying Peasant Radio program serves as a messenger of the political philosophy of liberty. From the Left, the state is seen as a referee, the guardian of fairness, the protector of the rules of the game. The state, we are told, can make right all relations between groups through regulation, the police state and the welfare state. The Right, believes much the same, however, with its emphasis on our "security" implementing the warfare state. Neither is compatible with liberty. And the aim of The Annoying Peasant Radio show is to explore the underlying and ongoing struggle, not for "effective" control by the state, but rather for freedom. We attempt to illustrate the difference between free and free range! So join the thought provoking, lively, and ongoing discussion with Tom and Brad and let's explore together the possibility of liberty in our lifetime!

On-Demand Episodes

On tonight's episode we will be discussing some current topics and discuss how they relate to liberty. We also have a special guest with us (Niklas Ludwig) and will discuss with him the fundamentals of liberty as well as find out what he... more

On tonight's episode we have a special guest, the Northwoods Mom! We are going to discuss Tanya's journey to liberty. We will talk about where she was (poltically) and use this as a starting point. Hopefully we can determine her... more

Join us for a special Thursday night edition of the Annoying Peasant Radio show as we discuss the multitude of aspects of gun ownership (the right to bear arms, a property right) and gun control (the state's attempt at limiting or eliminating... more

On this episode of Annoying Peasant Radio Tom questions Brad. Maybe we can find out what "troubles" the statist and provide some insight. The concept of a free society is troubling to many as they do not understand how it might work. If Tom... more

Join us for a discussion of a variety of topics through the libertarian lens. On the agenda for tonight's episode are gun control measures, the disclosure of the names of gunowners by a local newspaper, and possibly Tom will have a... more

The Annoying Peasants take a look at the year's issues and events through the eyes of a libertarian. We look at the debate from both sides: that is the statist and the anarchist. So listen in, join the chat, or call in with a topic or event in which... more

Tonight we discuss isms; that is communism, socialism, facism, and interventionism. Of course Tom will start off with a brief description of libertarianism. He will again attempt a new angle on a definition of the basics of... more

Tonight's episode is another potpourri. We focus on a number of items and share our take on them. Of course our take includes an analysis through the libertarian lens. The fiscal cliff is sure to be one of the issues on the docket! Listen in,... more

When analyzing the possible outcomes of policies contemplated, one should zero in on the incentives that are created and destroyed. A theme of a free society is that the incentives of the natural order create a better society. Is that... more

Tonight Tom goes off on the state! Oh where to start? Will will likely start with the violation of the non-aggression axiom and from there it's anybody's guess. Tom will begin with yet another angle on liberty and will continually compare with... more
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