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The Annoying Peasant Radio program is a discussion of a society without the use of aggressive force. The program is an attempt to teach, to learn, to inspire and to have some fun along the way. We take a learned approach - not a purely academic approach. The Annoying Peasant Radio program serves as a messenger of the political philosophy of liberty. From the Left, the state is seen as a referee, the guardian of fairness, the protector of the rules of the game. The state, we are told, can make right all relations between groups through regulation, the police state and the welfare state. The Right, believes much the same, however, with its emphasis on our "security" implementing the warfare state. Neither is compatible with liberty. And the aim of The Annoying Peasant Radio show is to explore the underlying and ongoing struggle, not for "effective" control by the state, but rather for freedom. We attempt to illustrate the difference between free and free range! So join the thought provoking, lively, and ongoing discussion with Tom and Brad and let's explore together the possibility of liberty in our lifetime!

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On this episode of the Annoying Peasant Radio show we chat abour an NPR story about patents from a "This American Life". Brad and I will go through the story with Tom attempting to do his job pointint out some of the fallacies of the... more

On this episode of the Annoying Peasant Radio Show we discuss what to what lengths the state can go until you object to their actions. Do you have a line that the state cannot cross? In a May 2013, CNN interview, Former FBI... more

Join the Annoying Peasants discuss all kinds of topics and news items with a libertarian slant. Yes, yes, Tom is biased to liberty. It may come as a shocker to all of you, but it's true. So tune in to learn where the conversation leads!

On this episode we take a look at some of the scandals of our time (IRS, reporters' phone records subpoena, Benghazi, etc) and throughout recent history. Many will be interested in the details of the scandal; the who, the why,... more

On tonight's episode of the Annoying Peasant Radio Show we welcome our new listeners from Liberty Movement Radio! We will do a a very brief overview of what the show is about and why we do it! But quickly we need to move on to the... more

Tom will open the show with an explanation of why libertarianism is important. We then follow with some of the news items of the day. The Benghazi story is like a boomerang. What is the real story? What will happen to the... more

So last week we discovered the most fundamental case for liberty. So this week we will quickly review the argument and see where that takes the libertarian on the issues eventhough for the most part this is out of context. We will explain.... more

We are going to talk a bit about Tom's last blog post and how it relates to the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. We will get into some philosophy of Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the topic of conflict avoidance. We look forward to... more

On this episode of the Annoying Peasant Radion Show we will discuss some of the ideas and theories of Han-Hermann Hoppe. Dr. Hoppe has written a number of books and is considered the leading libertarian philosopher of our time. Dr.... more

On tonight's episode of the Annoying Peasant Radio we take a look at the trial by jury. What is it's purpose? How did it originate? The writings of Lysander Spooner, an anarchist and slavery abolitionist is the center of our conversation. So join... more
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