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The "Get Rich Show" produced by Certified Transformation Coach Annette Brent is a unique one of a kind show that focuses on the meaning of real wealth in order to raise the self-awareness level of people within the LGBT community and foster a greater consciousness of healing, empowerment and self-care. Wherever you’re resources are low – spiritually, physically, in your relationships or business - you can’t afford to lose anymore money, energy, joy or time. So let’s get that back! Stop the leaks! Plug in to your personal power. We have the hook up. Weekly shows - Mini segments, hourly – whatever it takes! Interviews, short inspirational broadcasts – it’s a gamut of inspiration to make your life RICHER! And everyone is welcome to listen and spread the word about The Get Rich Show because through our differences we ultimately arrive at the Universal Truth of OneNess! Remember - YOU are your best asset. Let's Get You Rich!

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How do you find that Perfect One? Where do they hang out? How do you get connected??? Where is the hook-up??? Tune in and I'll talk about where the key to Mrs. Perfect is hiding!

We have all been there...caught up in an endless a carousel. The names and faces change but the behavior is the same. The issues are the same. You feel drained and you're compromising your happiness everytime. Are you... more

Getting in touch with our emotions can be challenging when we feel overwhelmed or just unable to sort through it all. It's easy to choose to ignore them instead and hope that they will just go away. By now, you might be wondering "How's That... more

If you are tired of all the "struggle" that you are encountering as you pursue your goals then listen to this show as I discuss a few ways to reduce the struggle and increase the joy as you go after what you want in life! Perseverance doesn't... more

LET'S DISCUSS THE UGLY-TRUTH ABOUT SELF SABOTAGE & LEARN 5 WAYS TO OVERCOME IT! Are you getting in your own way and maybe don't even know it? This segment will help you see just how you are sabotaging your... more

Welcome to my premiere "Soul Food 4 The Soul Sunday" radio show. Join me as I interweave music and spoken inspiration together to feed your soul as you prepare for the week ahead! Listen to gospel, soul, r&b, new age - whatever... more

Join me on Transformational Tuesday as I talk about Self-Sabotage & Fear of Success! The possibility of actually succeeding drives more fear and self-sabotage than we are probably aware of. But why do we do it?? Why do we... more

Join me as I interview Tiffany Rashel - a Certified Life Coach. specializing in Life and Vision Clarity Coaching. Tiffany understands what it means to be stuck while discovering purpose and path. She uses her life experience and professional... more

Coach Annette Brent is going to have a Soul to Soul interview with Rev. Alfreda Lanoix. "Rev Freda" speaks from the heart about her book "Go to Hell"which was recently nominated 4th place for the EOTM Award for "Outstanding Literary... more
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