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Anna Kavanaugh

Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad With Anna Kavanaugh


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Anna Kavanaugh hosts the weekly radio series, "Mad Science: The Genetic Crossroad." The program aims to raise awareness and provide education about genetically modified organisms (GMO), in the world food supply and the practices of the GM biotech industry. The series is dedicated to all issues surrounding GM foods, its usage and ramifications thereof. Anna is a writer, advocate, and founder of the (AKCF) Anna Kavanaugh Charitable Foundation. Her original novel, "The Cord of Callows," now an upcoming expanded trilogy series, is the inspiration for a GMO documentary film entitled, "The Cord of Callows trilogy: Fact Behind the Fiction. Fear Behind the Fact."

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As a society we have become reliant on high-tech remedies to cure us of disease and improve our physical and mental well-being. Billions of dollars are made by selling us these very promises. But how much of this is really necessary? Are we being exploited by Big Pharma and the biomedicine industry? Are we being sold the illusion of health and longevity through genetically engineered drugs and vaccines designed for maximum profit at minimal production cost? Taking a deeper look into the troubling reality of targeted drug development, the questionable methods of mass producing them, and the huge yet unseen corporations and affiliates profiting behind the scenes at what certainly seems to be consumer expense. Is all of that expense financial or are we paying too high a price by compromising our long-term health without realizing it? How much trust should we be giving these corporations and how much blind faith in their promises?
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What are the latest developments in the world of GMOs? From GMO labeling laws, global outrage, corporate product pipelines, to the debacle over the Seralini study on human health risks, we will examine new aspects to the... more

Science. It has propelled the human race forward for thousands of years. While we have bettered our lives in some aspects, there has been a heavy toll to pay in others. Biotechnology is being used by corporate and political interest in the... more

Agent Orange, PCB's, DDT, Glyphosate. These are words that many of us believe are in a deadly past of devastated lives. There are also new, and just as deadly, toxic cocktails in the pipeline today such as Dicamba. Many of us have believed... more

Corporate giant, Monsanto, may be feeling the most headline heat from an outraged and growing body of consumers and concerned scientists objecting to the practices and blatant oversteps of GM crops and biotech business, but... more

What exactly is Agenda 21 all about and why are so many outraged because of it? Is it a United Nations voluntary consortium or a stepping stone toward a global centralized government? Under the disguise of world sustainability and feeding... more

The GM biotech industry assures us they have conducted adequate safety studies of genetically modified foods, and that these DNA manipulated foods are entirely safe for human consumption. To bolster their claims of safety, the... more

GMO - The Issues of TodayGMO: The Issues of Today: What are the latest happenings in the GMO industry? This show will examine the current state of GMO in the US and around the world – from the newest wave of... more


Kill Technology - Gene GenocideThe GM industry has developed what is termed, "terminator technology," and has already utilized gene silencing techniques to manipulate certain gene expressions from occurring in transgenic crops, and... more

The GMO industry wants to own the genetic blueprints of all existing food sources around the globe. 250,000 farmer suicides in India, forced GMO compliance by European countries under threat of exclusion from the union, and even the swift... more
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