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Sharing advice and tips on home design, personal skin care and beauty style cosmetics.

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Hello Family, Happy Wednesday, and welcome back this week to our clips and tip segment! Wow, what an exciting topic we have tonight, for designing with Haute couture, and capturing the Vogue Designer look for the interior! Yes, we see it in... more

Hello Family, and Happy Wednesday! Come join us tonight for an exciting segment with how to select and purchase Persian, Moroccan, and Fine Antique Area Rugs.. We provide things to look for while making your selections,... more

Do you often wonder what's behind your own garage door? Or how it winds up turning into a dumping ground for whatever doesn't fit? Perhaps you're in need for some serious de-clutter or a serious overhaul for your space. Join us tonight as... more

Hello Family, and welcome back tonight to our Clips and Tips segment. Happy Wednesday and our upcoming segment is flourishing with exciting ideas on expressing your creativity. We cover abstract art, fine art, and photography! One... more

Hello Family, & welcome back this week! We have an exciting discussion coming up tonight as we talk about Home Theater Design. From media room to styled theater, it's so exciting to be able to provide the extra added comfortability right... more

Hello Everyone, & Welcome back to our clips and tips segment! It's so exciting to be able to bring great ideas on adding embellishments, and/or ornamental plaster decoration with fine art mouldings. Perhaps you like to add value to your home... more

It's a great Wednesday today & welcome back this week family! In our clips and tips segment tonight, we offer some exciting Winter Design Inspirations and Colour Trends. The winter season is just around the corner and those brisky... more

Do you know which foods are rich in antioxidants and reduce cell damage? Or food snacks like almonds and apricots that help provide beautiful skin complexion? Join us tonight and find as we cover whole living and steps to... more

Good Evening Folks! & welcome back to our Wednesday night clips and tips segment. We're right in the midst of our holiday season going into a very special time of the year. With "Jesus being the reason for the season", we... more

Hello Everyone! Good to see you again this week and we like to invite you to join us tonight for clips and tips segment on Fireplace Design Ideas, Mantels and Surrounds. Yes, the holiday season has hit and we can officially start our indoor... more
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