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Hello Family, and Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to our segment tonight on Ceiling and Floor Tile Designs..Amazingly, these are some of the strongest architectural design elements when considering your overall design concept for... more

Hello Family, So good to see you back again and Happy Wednesday! We've got a great segment in store for you tonight as we explore creative ways to display in interior residential design. We show you how to create an visual impact in your... more

Hello Family, Welcome back this week and Happy Wednesday! We've got a great show in store for you tonight as we indulge in waterfalls, and fountains for interior and exterior decoration. Join us as we explore several options for decorating... more

Hello Family, and soo good to see you again this week! Welcome back and we want to invite you to join in with us tonight for a very aesthetically creative topic, The Art of Murano, Venetian, and Israeli Art Glass! We explore the art of glass... more

Hello Family! Happy Wednesday, and good to see you again! We have an exciting segment tonight we like to bring with Italian Ceramic Earthenwares.. A very favorite area of mines as I have a real appreciation for artistry in ceramics... more

Hello Family, and welcome back this weeks' segment of Paris Country and French Mediterranean Designs! Learn about how simplistic beauty of the Mediterranean style reflects as a gathering of family and friends in a relaxed and... more

Hello Family! & Welcome back this week, and we've got a real exciting segment for you as we step into Modern Futuristic LED Designs! Very fascinating, as we break down the elements of Simplistic Minimalist Designs, to Elegant LED... more

Happy Wednesday, and hello everyone! Welcome back to our designer segment of Clips and Tips.. We've got some exciting and great fantastic ways to re-design your home for under $100..You're thinking impossible right? Well it is very... more

Hello Everyone, and goodto see you back again this week for our clips and tips segment! So glad you could join in with us for an exciting topic- Floral Design and Spring Bouquet Trends for 2012. Yes, Spring is right around the corner! Wow,... more

Hello Folks and welcome back again to our clips and tips segment. We have a great and exciting topic for you this week! So please be sure to join in with us as we discuss design styles with Patina and/or Verdegris finishes! They're... more
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