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Sharing advice and tips on home design, personal skin care and beauty style cosmetics.

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Hello Family & Happy 4th! Wow the holiday just shot around really that quickly and it is sho nuff time escape into summertime mode, and go for The Art of Outdoor Living! We explore ways how to really make it seem easeful and... more

Hello Family, and Happy Wednesday! Welcome back again to our clips and tips segment, and summertime has started and what a great way to indulge in Spa Retreats and Summertime Getaways! Yep, relaxation time is underway and how... more

Hello Family, and welcome back this week to our Clips and Tips Segment! It's a great Wednesday and we have a great topic of discussion ahead for you. Summertime is in full force and that means a great time for outdoor's... more

Hello Family, and welcome back tonight! Happy Wednesday and we've got a great segment and topic of discussion in store for you tonight. We're exploring the elements of Minimalist Designs in Ultra Modern and Contemporary Interiors. So... more

Hello Family & Welcome Back This Week! We've have got such an exciting segment for you tonight as we explore some great elements in Antique Collectibles and Decorative Fine Arts! I'm so excited because this is a favorite... more

Hello Family, and Welcome back this week! Happy Wednesday and its good to be able to bring our weekly segments forth to you as we have such a blast with it. This week we talk about Party Planning with Tableware, Chinaware, and... more

Hello Family, and Welcome back tonight! Happy Wednesday to ya, and its really great bringing our show segments to you live.This week we discuss Shabby Chic Designs along with Sensational Room Makeovers. Yes, summertime is nearing... more

Hello Family, Happy Wednesday, and welcome back tonight! We have a great and exciting topic tonight for you as we explore the world of fabrics. Yes, fashion in fabrics for the interiors! Ever wondered where to apply those... more

Good Evening Family, and welcome back tonight to our Clips and Tips Segment! We have a great show in store for you as summer time is vastly approaching and just around the corner! Wow, so cool this time of year we get to explore... more

Hello Family and Welcome back this week! Happy Wednesday, and we have a very exciting segment for you tonight.. Spring time is here and a real good time to focus in design for Window Treatments..Its always nice to add a great and... more
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