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Hidn Treasure

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"Hidn Treasure" is an author her 1st Book is entitled "Uniquely Me" She is a Author~Poet & Voiceover Talent...This show will discuss the Journey Of Relationships~Speaking Real Truths~Of Being Single In Today's Society..."Can I Be Real" "Are You Ready To Take This Journey With Me?" ~Let's Go~

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Learn the difference between love & lust....Are you in a relationship based on lust or love?? I will tell you the tell tale signs. Do you think that lust can turn into love. Tune In (310) 742-1833...Let's Talk About It...

Are You Tired Of All The Drama In Your Life & Going Through Unecessary Changes...Then U Need 2 Tune In 2nite...Special Guests: Evangelist Kim James, Min. Karen Donald & Min. Ramona Crews...

Are You Willing 2 Date Someone That Is Involved With Someone Else...Is This The New Fad In Relationships...Will U Settle? Date On Purpose...With An Agenda In Mind...Age Difference...What's 2 Old Or 2 Young...Let's Talk (310) 742-1833

Single Saved Sister Speaks Real Truth On Do Or Can Men Be Committed To One Woman Faithfully...Special Guest: Sean Hardin...Let's Talk About It...Call In (310) 742-1833

Single Saved Sister Speaks Real Truth On Black Men Proposing Takes Longer Than Other Races & What Age Range Would U Propose...Let's Talk...(310) 742-1833

Single Saved Sister Speaks Real Truth On Dating With Children...Would You Date Someone With Children If So How Many? Let's Talk About It...Give Me A Call @ (310) 742-1833

Single Saved Sister Speaks Real Truth On Being Single, Saved & Celibate. Dealing With The Highs & Lows...The Pressure & Frustrations....Let's Talk...Call (310) 742-1833 W/Comments/Questions or Just 2 Listen

Single Saved Sister Speaks Real Truth On Not Settling 4 Carbon Copies Bcuz Of Loneliness...Let's Talk About It...(310) 742-1833 Call In 2 Listen or Call In W/Comments & Questions

Single Saved Sister Speaks Real Truth On How long should you date a person before getting married....Let's talk about it.....

Single Saved Sisters Speaks Real Truth On Using Common Sense While Dating Or The Lack Of Communication.....Let's Talk About It.....Due To Overwhelming Response...Thanks 4 Listening