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Come with us on a journey into nature, your Animal Spirit Guides are waiting to give you messages. We will be offering free readings to anyone calling in, messages can come to us in many different ways; they can be Visual which means seeing an animal in an unusual way or out of their element, the circumstances are out of the ordinary the animal may appear in any way, crossing your path, a seagull inland or persistently gaining your attention. Guides can also present themselves in an auditory way , you may be hearing the voice of your animal guide, clairaudience is heard outside of yourself and you will get an impression of the voice coming from the left, right, behind or in front of you. We can’t ignore kinesthetic sensing where you may have a feeling that an animal has a message for you, often this is a gut feeling or you get a sense of someone being around you, and finally Cognitive abilities are probably most common, this is using your thought process or telepathy to receive messages this most often sounds like your own voice or another voice in your head quite tricky as It is harder to trust information coming this way when you first receive messages. We will share music, and focus on having fun so sit back enjoy, chat or call with a question. Special guests along the way will add to the fun.

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A day to enjoy sunshine and life. Join me for a little show. My friends from Natures Realm will be along for the ride. Call in if you would like to talk to them.

Ok Voices in the wind is taking a snowday and will be on this afternoon. It will be a short show soif you would like a little advice from Mother Nature call in. Otherwise I will have to tak for a half hour and none of us want that.

Join me and all the inhabitants of the Wildwood as we do Wildwood Tarot readings for you tonight. Our chatbarn will be open with some of the friendliest folk on BTR. Call in for a reading and a bonus inspirational shaman deck... more

On tonight's show we will be doing Animal Card Messages for callers. A bonus Spirit wheel Card will be pulled for everyone too. come on in to see what Mother Nature's Friends have in store for you. Time permitting we will have a Native... more

Join us tonight as we visit the Wildwood Forest. We will be doing mini- tarot readings and giving an inspirational message to everyone calling into the show. Chatbarn will be open and our Peeps are always friendly. We may time... more

Tonight we will be following the Wanderer back into the Wildwood Forest! It is a magical place where a King can be a Heron or a Page can be an Otter. We will be doing readings from the deck and also giving an inspirational Shaman... more

Join us this evening as we travel to the mystical, yet so down to earth Wildwood Forest. Leap across the chasm into this land of the Wanderer, Seer and Shaman. See what secrets the Guardian may reveal to you. Find out how a Bear... more

Join with the Wanderer as he steps across the abyss into the Wildwood Forest. Learn to have faith in yourself and your guides to learn what the Wildwood and all that it holds has in store for you this evening. Have the courage to let go of... more

Join me as I speak with UK crystal healing author and teacher, Philip Permutt, about his upcoming Crystal Healer USA Workshop Tour. Philip has written five books on healing with crystals, and has created The Little Meditation Album... more

Join us tonight as we link up with the Spirit of Mother Nature and those of her realm. We will be doing Animal Card readings for everyone calling into the show. Our chatbarn has some of the nicest people on BTR so pull up a chair... more
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