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Animal cruelty, and the suffering of factory farmed animals

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Hindy Pearson

Hindy Pearson


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Each year, an estimated 60 billion animals are killed for food, around the world. A number too staggering to comprehend.

Egg laying hens are kept in cages so small they can’t turn around, henpecked by cage mates so frustrated, they go mad. Meat chickens are genetically altered to grow to slaughter weight in 42 days, crammed by the thousands into dark sheds. Dairy cows are engineered to produce so much milk, they suffer lameness and mastitis; their male offspring used to produce veal, or shot at birth. Piglets have their tails cut off without anesthesia, slaughtered at 6 months, and sows are just  piglet making machines, kept continuosly pregnant, confined in spaces so narrow, they cannot turn around.

Gene Baur, President and Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary, will help us understand how animals raised for human consumption are treated. If you’re going to eat it, you have an obligation to know where it comes from. For more information, please visit farmsanctuary.org