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Hindy Pearson

Animal Awareness 101


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From the food we eat to the forms of entertainment we pay to see, our actions impact animals and the environment. This show will talk about a variety of animal welfare issues.

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Born Free USA is hosting their fourth annual fffashion competition, in a bid to encourage ?compassionate and cruelty free fashion.? The panel of celebrity judges will include television personality, talk show host, manager, producer,... more

More animals are caught for the fur trade in the United States, than anywhere else in the world. Fur trappers catch between 3-5 million every year. Not only are wild animals caught in traps, non target animals, including our cats and... more

While your children are being entertained by the ?smiling? dolphins performing tricks in a tiny pool, and you're fulfilling your dream of swimming with them, Japanese fishermen in Taiji, Japan, are setting out nets to trap entire pods of... more

Not only is adopting a vegan lifestyle the best thing you can do to help animals, research has shown it can lower your risk of developing cancer. Join me as we speak to Joseph Gonzales, a registered dietician with The Cancer Project, as we... more

On today's show, we're going to be talking about more ways we can use the legal system, to help save animals. Our first topic will be, about the creation of an animal abuse registry. If this legislation is passed, it would require mandatory... more

Over 9 billion animals are raised, each year, on factory farms in the United States. Of those 9 billion, 95% of them are chickens raised for meat. That's 8.84 billion chickens for Americans to eat, each year. Georgia is the largest producer,... more

On Friday January 20, we aired a show about the Canadian horse slaughter industry. The response was so overwhelming, I decided to do a follow up show, to touch on issues we had no time to address. On this episode, we're going to be... more

Feral horses in British Columbia are being slaughtered, and Project Equus is trying to stop it. Most of the problems with wild/feral horses in British Columbia, are from horses that came from Indian Reserves, where they were, and... more

Would it shock you to know shelters around the country routinely kill healthy, adoptable animals? In fact, roughly 4 million are killed each year, more than 90% of them, adoptable. We live in a culture that readily accepts the killing of... more

Each year, an estimated 60 billion animals are killed for food, around the world. A number too staggering to comprehend. Egg laying hens are kept in cages so small they can't turn around, henpecked by cage mates so frustrated, they go... more
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