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What Makes You Right...

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What happened to the art of debate..

What is your burden of proof..

What proves the point beyond doubt..

To many people, do not understand the principle difference between being a bitch and an asshole. People,who are assholes under the false pretense of being strong, or being “catty” to other women(or, occasionally, men) under the deception of being straightforward. Gossips.. Liars.. Cliques of gossips and liars. Taking the proverbial stand and out-arguing involves using real facts and being principled. Attacking, using generalities, interrupting, manipulating, wandering from subject, and shouting down isn't out-arguing someone, its called out-assholing them. Challenging yourself and thinking clearly to be reasonable, speaking bluntly, while understanding the difference between a fact and YOUR EMOTIONAL REACTIONS and OPINIONS, is strong. Allowing your personal hatred and jealousy to spew freely over another isn't strong, its childish. Beyond to many people fool themselves into believing they are merely strong, firm and blunt, when in all reality, they are simple, assholes...

What Makes You Right..

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