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@SLowisz -- LINKEDIN -- SteveLowisz.com - Lowisz is pronounced Lowis. "Talent acquisition experts are realizing that resumes don't help us select the right candidates". "Education provides 1% predictive ability for job performance!". "To understand how a candidate will behave in a role, mesh with a team, and align with a manger, we go by our gut and then we wonder why new hires don't work out". "There are benefits that can only be fulfilled from actually meeting with your candidate". "The best predictor of job success is a combination of structured interviews, behavioral assessments and cognitive assessments". "I am amazed at how often I speak with recruiters who have no idea what the candidate's motivators are". "Many recruiters ask for favors in their very first message to a candidate. The candidate doesn't owe the recruiter anything". "Listing required qualifications in an intro message infers that a candidate will care about the recruiter's need". "Recruiters often sell what they have, not what the candidate needs". "It's become amazingly easy to hide behind a computer screen instead of trying to engage in meaningful conversation. The phone allows for a personal and emotional connection which are critical to creating high satisfaction and engagement rates.
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