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@WillRecruits -- LINKEDIN -- BLOG: Do you remember the 1969 movie, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, starring Robert Redford and Katherine Ross? Well, that's a good title for this show, as well because The Happy Texan has returned.... more

@AlaRecruiter -- LINKEDIN - CAKES This spunky, cocky, high-energy recruiter does great work in her day job at a great metropolitan software company. She has her own cake-baking business on the side. She contributes regularly to Jerry's... more

@MikeRADP -- LINKEDIN -- You must depend on yourself and your own inner vision to meet your goals. This has defined me my entire career - results. Whether on a team achieving results or on projects I owned. Personal Fact -... more

@TheBrianFink -- LINKEDIN - "My abilities include": * C-Suite (CEO, CAO, CIO, CTO, COO) recruiting and research; * Staffing companies at scale and building to fit culture; * Retained executive and performance research based full-cycle... more

@AdrianDayton -- LINKEDIN -- COMPANY Adrian helps law firms bring in millions of dollars of new business through various social media platforms. He launched ClearView Social, a social sharing software for lawyers. Now he is bringing it to... more

@TheOneCrystal -- LINKEDIN - BRANDEDstrategies

ft @LevyRecruits with a surprise visit by @Shally, @TheBrianFink and JeremyRoberts Also starring: Jerry, Maureen, Cathy Mannis, Alan Fluhrer, Mike Cox, Janet Dwyer. The big discussion was: Generalist vs Niche.

@JTODONNELL -- LINKEDIN -- WorkITDaily.com -- RECRUITHUB -- Stop blaming yourself, recruiters. It's not you, it's the times. Techniques have changed drastically in the last few years so you deserve some help to keep up and that's... more

@AndrewGadomski -- LINKEDIN -- ASPEN ADVISORS I started Aspen in 2006 because too many recruiting departments were wasting time and money on tools they didn't understand, using training that was taught only once, and engaging... more

@AlanFLUHRER -- LINKEDIN -- My profile reads clunky for a reason - it's written to optimize Search and it kills! LinkedIn Recruiter Admin and power user. Strong experience in Recruitment and Staffing, Consultation, Diversity Relations,... more
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