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The Angry Deva's Radio Show is a Mystic and Cosmically inspired show. We discuss awakening, Healing, Darkness as Strength and the Inherent Divinity of Black Wombnhood. If you'd like to be a speaker on the show, or have topic idea send me a Dear Deva note: http://www.angrydevas.com/dear-deva.html. Call into our show 347-826-9930. I keep it Rated R Raw and real, discussing topics that impact women and girls specifically. Angry Deva's is THE HUB for Healing and Restoration of the Divine Feminine after male sexual terrorism. We host our Opening of the Mouth Ceremony LIVE weekdays at 12pm EST.

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http://www.thedarkdivinefeminine.com/dark-mother-invocation.html So the courts have decided that it is perfectly legal to racially discriminate against bw's natural hair? They have decided to allow companies to hire and fire bw based on our natural tresses. They have legislated against Gods Nature, in the banning of our natural hair. We allowed it to get to this point. When they came for the trees, we said nothing. When they came for the water, we said nothing. When they came for the womb, we said nothing. And now they have come for the Crown. Not on my watch! Arise you Dark Witches! Your Mystic Powers and Potent Essences are needed once more. As a Loc Godis myself, I will not sit back on this one. I wear my love proud! They represent my Spirituality, my Power, my Authority, my Splendor, my Cosmic Connection to the Dark Mother, these Locs Breathe and divine. They alert me to dangers near and far, I hear better because my Antennas are always up! And as the Dark Divine Feminine rises, they seek to snuff us out, to attack us, to limit our Great Power. I will not protest, I will no organize or march. But see this lil light of mine? Imma let it shine. These Black SKULL Candles will light for 30 days. I am banging the Drum. It is time for us to Come together to call on the Dark Mother. It's great to talk about dark wisdom, now it is time to Be about Dark Gnosis and Action. Arise you beautiful souls! Let us gather to call upon the ineffable names of the Dark Mother. Join us for a 30 day Invocation of the Original Mother, the Dark Goddess, the Great Blak She. Dark Wisdom is nothing without Gnosis and Power! http://www.thedarkdivinefeminine.com/dark-mother-invocation.html
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Black women say they want sisterhood. But they don't. Because they HATE that they needed that Oracle Blessing to even conceive of their "new" ideas. It is the Inspiration and the Blessing of the Black Oracle, THIS Black Oracle that I Am:... more

To all who are frightened? ?????? You don't have to worry about your children being harmed by MY Legion. Unless you were wagging your tongue. Lol They are cursed already, because •you• are their mother. You are ignorant, &... more

Sign up for my Dark Magiv 101 Dark Angels Course here: http://www.angrydevas.com/dark-magic-101-dark-angels--powers.html "You all will listen to these pseudo witches who started that wannabe witch hunt. And in 3... more

Learn More Here: http://www.angrydevas.com/dark-magic-101-dark-angels--powers.html Tonight, I explain to the sisters why WISDOM is Dark; thus why most black women lack it.... more

This show will clarify the Ignorance most people hold of the DARK, meditation, totem spirits, hexing, sexual ties and more. There are many false teachers out there, with no clue what they are saying. Ignorance will not protect... more

Women need to know what it means to be feminine and live in the feminine energy. Witch is dangerous. Men get addicted and ain't even had ya. They call us many things. Sprite. Nymph. Mermaid. Siren. God. The Holy Spirit. Shekinah.... more

#RedefiningtheFeminine Tonight is part 2 of my 3 part series Redefining the Feminine. Women need to know what it means to be feminine and live in the feminine energy. It's time for us to remember how to BE. Join us @ 6pm... more

Women need to know what it means to be feminine and live in the feminine energy. Contact me for a Session and Healing at deva.assistant@gmail.com If you would like to be a part of our Mailing List, Sign Up:... more

Discussion: Blacks in the Media, Imagery Matters The Black Community is presently falling out over a CONVICTED child rapist. Our black community HATES black women and girls, and have no problem with express it. The gross lack of... more

I went to reach for the bags and he gave me that "don't you touch it" look and I drew my hand back. I admit, I'm still learning and breaking that mammy mule training my mother gave. I watched my mother do it all, even with a husband.... more