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Angels In Flight is a Spritual place for like minded people to share their knowledge and wisdom, via their guides, angels. We are here to bring healing

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Cleansing and clearing of the oceans, is just one step in all practitioners journey and the people, you must clear energies, where ever you go, and who ever you are with, spirit travels everywhere, the omni presence is within you, you attract... more

Lets discuss what love is real, and the best approach in enjoying the interaction, without getting stuck in a rut, and learn to love yourself , and the people in your life now, or the ones that are coming in the future. And what ever comes up... more

I dedicate this poem to Sarina ~ my friend Join with me to share the love and support to people that have lost their pets recently, or have memories of their pets or loved ones, that need to feel the love or want to share their emotion with us

Come into ocean delight, of dolphin energy and water to space your mind out, and feel peace. Bringing you joy! and happiness from the love of dolphins, and all that is beautiful in nature

Meditation ~ come into the realms of love with the soul to soul effect of embracing the love within and around you, be peace, and receive the healing light of love, can you feel it, i can ahhhh

Meditation in peace and joy in your heart and mind follow the meditation of christmas of sending out unconditional love to family or friends. Here we use a christmas tree to set the meditation, to use our imagination of mind to create the... more

Where we store our worries and concerns, like jeanie in a bottle we store things, we need to clear the mind, in order to release the old, patterns, and clutter. See it like a filing cabinet that needs to be filed away, or stored for later, we cannot... more

Welcome to Angels In Flight healing in the throat chakra When we talk, we don't realize, some times that self expression, communication, will.. can be positive and painfully negative, when we don't mean what we say, so thinking before... more

Welcome! dear ones, as we travel deep within your solar plexus, and release your pain, tension, stress, past hurts, old patterns, reconnect to your now! self, and experience the yellow golden sun, that is sunshine, in you, and radiate... more

Mental, Emotional & Spiritual issues, making friends? Dancing your Chakras awake. The effects of stress, and how to counteract them. Meditation in the pelvic region, and moving out the blockages, that hold you.
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