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Angel's View Point

Angel's View Point


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How does one navigate through life’s treacherous waters with out falling victim to the waves? How can we properly live as loud as we can? Making sure that when we leave, the earth knows we were here! People of all nations, creeds and color’s deal with this basic issue of how to live this life successfully. What may differ however is how we approach these issues based on where we are from and who we are. This show attempts to tackle how we all approach life and what it takes to have a happy fulfilled life. This show is named Angel’s View Point because Angel is the host name; however we welcome view points of all. On our show we will talk to everyday folks and see how they are handling things by taking a look into their world. We will also speak with experts that can shed some light on how one might make better choices. With this show we hope to inspire, enlighten, and guide. We endeavor to have a show that is intelligent, innovative and fun. About our Host! Talk about rough waters! Angel grew up in a house where she witnessed domestic violence, and lived through extreme moments of poverty. She has had to deal with drug abuse by relatives. Just about every dysfunctional thing you can imagine. She also had times in her youth where things went very well and finances were not an issue. She has endured the extraordinary issues, which life has thrown at her. Through hard work and the help of God, Angel has developed into a healthy and happy mother, sister, friend, employee, and business owner. She has always been an open book sharing her story with her friends, family and even strangers to give them the hope that if she could survive and thrive so could they. She is also a testimony that you don’t have to be perfect to fulfill your purpose. So join us as we navigate through life together on Angel’s View Point!

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Children of Domestic Violence/Emotional Abuse So your all grown up now and your still feeling the affects of the things you witnessed as a child. Perhaps it left you with the inability to trust, or paralizing fear. You may have also... more

One of the things that bothers me the most is how we as individuals tend to compare ourselves to other people. We look at others lives and wish we could be them. The thing we don't consider is the price they had to pay to get where they... more

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