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TTW trash talk wrestling is on the mamaluke radio network about the worse things happing in wrestling today

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its a open call on inside the mind which means call in talk about any thing you want no matter what it is come on show your love for the show

in this brand new inside the mind we will be talking about pets and what they mean to us no matter iff its a dog cat or ever a fish

in this all new trash talk baseball manny ramirez could return after being out of the game for 3 years and will baseball back in montrel and whos the best team in spring training right now plus the philes gets a tv deal in new jersey and is the... more

in this all new trash talk wrestling we will be talking about how last monday was cm punks last change to come back plus the debut of main event going live and how cm punk thing reminds every body of ecw and what tv network will... more

whats going on in the world Mamaluke style , its like 5 shows in one show in less then 30 mins plus other news too all this and more on all new mamaluke news now

all this all new god is for real we will be talking about can i forgive somebody iff they hurt me so bad and can god make us dream of the furture

in this all new billybob davis show, billybob will meet his mother for the first time

on this all new (inside the mind ) the Mamaluke will be talking iff every body had fast food every day forever and ever what would he eat for breakfast and lunch and dinner

in this all new trash talk baseball the Mamaluke and ryan talk about what teams look good since the spring training games just started and should opening day be a hoilday and much more on a all new trash talk baseball

what would you do iff you had 24 hours to live , would you do bad thing or good things who you leave all your stuff to and where you lay to rest