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Poetry Collection

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Poetry Collection

Poetry Collection


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Angela Brown is the author of a book of poetry titled, Poetry Collectionl. Angela will be previewing her poems from her book.


0:08 Angela Brown

Hello! My name is Angela Brown. The topic for today is my book, Poetry Collection. The first thing about me is that I was born in Mississippi, but I am a native in Vegas. I am a poet. Michelangelo inspired me to write poetry. I was reading Michelangelo's poetry when I wrote my first poem, To Dream to be an American published by the Sentinel-Voice Newspaper. I also have written other forms of literature to include were anthology, books, newspapers, textbooks, journals and online. I have won several awards for my literature. As I began writing, I was reminded of how hope, love and spirituality has touched my life. My poems are reflection of life experience. My poems speak about traditional, social conditions based on our society today. I believe one must discover the significance of our own identity to illuminate our path and reflect on the present. Poetry is the root of all hope. It is the heart of the street with ideas to come a cultural experience. Poetry is a simple optimism shared by tradition. My book, Poetry Collection is this vision in progress. Now, I would like to touch with you some of my poems, of course I would like to touch with you, Truth, a Hip Hop poem I have written in the book. It is not what you know, it is who ya know Startlin those fake rhymes that react slow If you got the flix to get in the mix Got to talk and get the feelin Cause your whack has no flax And your dope rhymes don't fly I ricoshade rhyme to a melody wo unique That I could call your name and have you off your feet I am so elevated, I want to make you cry To the grooves don't move, it makes you subside Sit and listen to the creative inventions of word up The master of funk has gone to drop on yo luck.

2:07 Angela Brown

Here is a poem I have written out the book called Black American History. Old age has caught up with me Where wisdom is patiently counting down Who am I? Am I the person who bathed you, played with you and read you bed time stories until the wee hours of the night? Am I the person who coached you and supported you through your journey? Others see me as bitter and cold And ain't I an American? Who am I? Am I the one that cooked you dinner and cleaned the house while you were away? Am I the one that nursed you while you were sick? Am I the one who obeyed orders and completed good deeds? Others find me helpless And ain't I an American? Who am I? Was I the one who was your right hand man that made sure everything was in order? To make sure I follow your orders and obeyed your orders to the call and duty? Was I the one to go beyond adversity? Others find my faults But ain't I an American? Who am I? Am I the one to respond to duties? It is my patraonage to follow and to protect and test the waters when you can not Others don't respect this But ain't I an American? Who am I? Am I the one who made strong enough to follow his path in this journey to be heard? I am an auntie. I am a child. I am a teacher. I am a soldier. I am a child of God. And ain't I an American? I walk like I am disabled There is a monkey on my back I carry a load of intolerance I may be used I may be abused I have been lied on I have been beaten I may been lonely I may be seduced I have many prayers and dreams to shatter the truth, But I am still here.

3:41 Angela Brown

Here is a poem I wrote called Four Colored Girls. I cry many tears of endearment Many sleepless nights I speak loudly in anger Bitter harsh feelings of denial Confusion asking for respect When emotions lost its meaning I cry many tears of rejection Their words speak louder than words I whisper, I whisper, I whisper words of wisdom A freedom of expression Pondering in fear I cry many years for forgiveness I have wrongfully sinned I pray for the strength to protect my soul For my fate to determine its keeper

4:21 Angela Brown

Here is the poem I call Playing Basketball. I like to dribble Making the ball spin Up and down the court I'm in for the win Right guard vault Twist and turn offence Defensively in opposition Every team player's defense Got momentum Got a way to score Out for that extra point Its game four The game is in opposition Dysfunctional moves The product of geometry Puts the game in move Across the court Getting into action An active team Watch your reaction

4:54 Angela Brown

Time It was the best of times; it was the worst of times, It was the age of wisdom; it was the age of foolishness, It was the epoch of believe; it was the epoch of incredulity, It was the season of Light; it was the season of Darkness, It was the spring of hope; it was the winter of despair, We had everything before us; we had nothing behind us And yet we go directly to Heaven as the day end

5:21 Angela Brown

Winter Evening Settles Down With smell of steaks in passageways Six o'clock. The burnt-out ends of smoky days And now a gusty shower wraps The grimy scraps Of withered leaves about your feet And newspapers from vacant lots The showers beat On broken blinds and chimney-pots And at the corner of the street A lonely cab-horse steams and stamps In the lighting of the lamps

5:49 Angela Brown

Sonnet V Who is the fairest of thy all? For all thy beauty I am not worthy Let our love be true the test of times For what left until we have left to prove? Exons desire passion trove Virtue is in prism for goodness show To defeat all reason our love to grow Gaze deep inside my heart To see the sunshine over the bank Natures call to fertility As the planets move I do not say How fair love be fair game All serenity to justify time

6:30 Angela Brown

Believe in God Always I asked for strength And you gave me difficulties to make me strong I asked for wisdom And you gave me problems to solve I asked for prosperity And you gave me a brain and brawn to work I asked for courage And you gave me the danger to overcome I asked for love And you gave me the troubled people to help I asked for favors And you gave me opportunities I received nothing I wanted But yet, I received everything I needed!

7:04 Angela Brown

African Dance Fling my arms Wiggle my feet Body movement to the African drum beat Bounce my head Tap my feet Snap my fingers to a passionate beat Fondle that guitar Peddle that piano Blowing that horn To the bebop rhythm Of the harmonic drum

7:26 Angela Brown

Eight Ball High on the corner Sipped 8 ball juice Got me reminiscent Of all the women I seduced High on hog dreary blues Talking all that jive Sipped 8 ball juice Got me thinking out loud Oh my troubled mind Got me praying Got me drinking The blues away I write poetry because it is my passion. It is my passion to reach others of what I write.

8:04 Angela Brown

Roots They were brought south to find slavery They found purges in the river where they were baptized They travel east to find bondage They found beauty in dusky rivers at dawn They traveled north to find freedom They found imagery in American's salvation They traveled west to find opportunities They found a voice in the calm sea

8:26 Angela Brown

Black Nature At sunrise, dawn brings life peeking out from heaven's trough To the rooster who crows out to startle its glory to awake those fast asleep. To the baby birds who sing and dance throughout the course of day To the flower buds that opens to drop its seed for all serenity to vale To the ants to find under fields of the cool earth's crust To the tree that reaches out their branches to provide fruit to the hungry squirrel To the black pond that offers fresh spring water in the garden of fertility To clouds that cover beneath its bow creating love sputtered of rain To the vast sky above pale blue masses for the brightness of horizon Black nature will not be forgotten, for the beauty within it dispels the beauty of imagery.

9:22 Angela Brown

Sweet Love Savor the nectar of my sweet breath with your lips Sample the essence of my forbidden fruit with your tongue Cradle my body Rock my figure from behind and listen

9:40 Angela Brown

My Consent The innocent too coo When confronted with love; To coo is the mating call for love. As seasons change, Time begins its journey. When in matrimony, Time locks its capsule to console. The love embedded within your hearts. When united a good to remember is that Laughter is the secret to serenity, Hope is God's promise to longevity, Faith builds bridges of engagement, Truth is the foundation of friendship. May God bless this union.

10:16 Angela Brown

Public Housing In this building lies a fort Full of roaches, rats and tall marching ants Waiting to call this house their home In this building block is a confinement Contemptuous of creepy dark shadows striking its mate waiting to call this house a prison In the building is a unit A solitary confinement of sanitation A safe house for prostitution, gang violence and drug use All too familiar places, We call home Mississippi, my home I always loved the place I called home Where all my family gathered to greet grandpa at grandpa's house Great grandpa would bless the food Where everything on the table was fresh from the garden Freshly caught fish, fried green tomatoes, bread pudding Could fill an empty child's stomach with plenty The elder's spoke of good old times Until night came and we all slept peacefully

11:17 Angela Brown

Motherhood I am afraid of inquisition I am in I fear for delinquency of a child To be born into invasion I cannot bore the fruit of acquisition To inherit the cruel world that lies ahead I would not trust this on that child for these deeds For the pain that stirs within innocence lies in fear Of a man's race who challenges another man's will. Order my book, Poetry Collection at Barnes and Noble today. It's Angela Khristin Brown, Poetry Collection at Barnes and Noble.