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Curtis Robinson will be on "Show Talk With Angela Butler." Robinson can be seen on Un Sung television show talking about his younger brother Buff Love the human beat box, from the FAT BOYS. Curtis Robinson will be talking about the killings of Black American Youth, especially young black male teenagers. He will be discussing New York's Killings and Michael Brown's killing in Ferguson, Missouri. Curtis Robinson will be on the,"Show Talk With Angela Butler on the August 20, 2014 @ 7 PM EST and 6 PM CST, and 4 PM PST.
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The guest on Show Talk with Angela Butler James H Costen Jr. We will be discussing on the second show: Is America using Incarceration as an answer to Poverty? Also is America's Answer to Addiction Incarceration?

The guest is Nic Paper the artist of Issac Hayes III.

The guest on Show Talk with Angela Butler is minister John Flack. Flack is active member of the church,"The Body Of Christ, Church International, USA in College Park and Alpharetta Georgia. He is under the Pastorial ship of Dr. Joseph M.... more

The guest on Show Talk with Angela Butler is EC Coleman. When 07-31-2013 @ 7 pm est. and 6 pm cst. EC Coleman has worked on the JLeno Show and Bill Cosby, among many others.So tune into hear this talented jazz musician.... more

Show Talk with Angela Butler will be the singing group Dru Hill. The day of the show will be May 8, 2013. At 7pm est and 6 pm cst .. Listen into Sisgo and Nokio of Dru Hill

The guest on Show Talk with Angela Butler is America's Got Talent Travis Pratt. Prattt sings Opera and was on the hit show 07-18-2013. Pratt proposed to his significant other on America's Got talent. Travis Pratt will be on the show... more

The guest on Show Talk with Angela Butler is Isabelle Doll-Ngcobo?. She is a choregapher whos has worked with Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela's daughter. On Show Talk with Angela Butler @ 7 pm est on February 7, 2013. The guests will be The Force M.D.'s. The Force M.D.'s are famous for their Hit songs Love Is A House, Tender Love, among... more

The guest on Show Talk with Angela Butler is the Author A.R. Neal of," Falling In Love God's Way." Neal will be talking about his marriage and the differenece between a Soul mate and a Spirit Mate. This show is for all people who are in... more

The guests on Show talk with Angela Butler are members of the group Ready For The World. This talented group was well known for their songs Oh Sheila, Love You Down among many others. So tune into the show and hear about how... more
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