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Join Joy in the Café with her new Co-Host and Twin Flame Dan. Are you familiar with the term “Twin Flame”? Joy and Dan will share their knowledge about this rare and unique relationship with you from their personal experiences. The Cafe is a gathering place where you have the opportunity to experience the presence of angels, ask questions, and receive messages. Learn about angels and their purpose in your life and in humanity. Joy asks you "Have you ever felt the presence of an Angel? I have! An Angel’s love is unconditional, there is nothing you can do, say or think, that would make your Angels leave your side. When I consciously started working my Angels and the Archangels it was a life changing moment. I feel their presence, I have felt the brush of an Angel wing across my face, I see them as colors, I have seen Angel mists, and I have come to know and understand their daily guidance. It was simple, and yet the most profound experiences of my life. All I had to do was ASK"! ~JOY

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SHOW US YOUR COLORS! Did you know that you have been practicing some form of color therapy your entire life? You choose the colors you wear, the colors you eat, your furnishings and wall colors. And whether you're conscious of it or not, all of your color choices are meant to make you feel better. On today's show, Joy welcomes Eleyne-Mari Sharp, a certified color therapist and the founder of Color Therapy Month, the global celebration in March which was created seven years ago to share and support the healing power of color. To help you get your Color Therapy Month spirit on, Eleyne-Mari will lead a Color Pep Rally, so don't forget your pom-poms! She will also talk about her two Color Therapy Month teleseminars —"Cabin Fever Color Aromatherapy Playshop" and "Sacred Colors Angelic Attunement"—and gift us with a Color Empowerment meditation. Listen to Angel Talk Cafe on Monday, March 6 at 6PM Pacific Time (9PM Eastern Time) at ______________________________. Our call-in number is 1-323-443-7515 and the chatroom will be OPEN! Angel Blessings, Joy Barker is a psychic-medium, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Medium (trained by world renowned Doreen Virtue), Spiritual Teacher/Healer, and Reiki Master. She is known for her loving, down-to-earth and practical approach to healing and life transformations. For more info, please visit Joy's website www.angeltalkcafe.com
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