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Terryee Abbott has been a spiritual clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since she was a small child. Over the years she has used this gift to help

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Hi Angels, Diane and I are moving the show up to an earlier time slot on Sunday to accommodate our listener's summer weekend schedules. Today we're discussing: How to let someone go who you have feelings for and who... more
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Hi Angels, This morning we are having a special show regarding children. These are a few topics we will discuss: 1. Children with ADHD and other issues. 2. Children who have told their parents that angels, love ones on the other side... more

Dear Angels, The next 7 weeks on our show Ernie Chu; author, spiritual and prosperity coach and abundance teacher will discuss from his best selling book; Soul Currency: The seven steps to prosperity in every area of your life. Week 1:... more

Hi angels, I am teaching the law of attraction, the power of intention and the angels and guides to help you make things happen. Each week we will talk about an angel and guide who help you create aoundance in love... more

Hi angels, Today Diane and I are doing a special show for mothers. How do you balance being a mom and a spiritual diva - woman? Diane and I will share a few tips with you and angels and guides who will help you when you ask. Happy... more

Dear Angels, Tonight on our show Ernie Chu; author, spiritual and prosperity coach and abundance teacher will discuss our spiritual capital; Where purpose meets intention. He will also share activities to help us build our spiritual capital... more

Hi Angels, We are excited to share with you our up and coming television show. It has been an intention to be able to help people to tap into their angels, guides, soul and higher power to have a prosperity driven life. If you would like to be a... more

Hi Angels, Tonight on Blog talk radio we are going to talk about the 7 arch angels and how they help us: 1. Achieving abundance 2. We are the source and how the archangels help us realize who we really are 3. How we use our imagination... more

Hi Angels, Today we have a special show; attracting your soul mate. We will discuss: 1. How do you attract your soul mate? 2. What holds you back from finding your perfect mate for you? 3. What is the difference between companion... more

Hi Angels, I am going to do a show on sunday morning on past life regression. I will have two people who have done a regression session. They will share how it has helped and continues to help them with: Understanding their fears... more

Hi Angels, Tonight on blog talk radio Ernie Chu; author, prosperity coach, spiritual coach and abundance teacher will share the next step in a series of 6. Knowing your spiritual assets to help you with a prosperity driven life in your love... more