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Terryee Abbott has been a spiritual clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since she was a small child. Over the years she has used this gift to help

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Hi angels, I am teaching the law of attraction, the power of intention and the angels and guides to help you make things happen. Each week we will talk about an angel and guide who help you create aboundance in love relationships, career, money, increasing your psychic abilities, health and life choices and health. When you call in with a question I will share the angel and guides who work with you and the answer I receive from them. It is a fun, magical show. At the end of the show you will know who you can call on if you choose to help you in your daily lives.
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Hi Angels, Today on blog talk radio we are going to talk about having a magical Christmas. We will talk about the perfect gift to give to your significant other if it is your first Christmas together. If you are single and would like to be in a... more

Hi Angels, I have a wonderful special speaker tonight who has overcame huge obstacles and created a life full of prosperity in every area. Learn how he has taken his "humpty dumpty" moment and overcame it to create joy and... more

Hi Angels, Tonight on Blog talk radio we are going to talk about raising your awareness and the art of allowing. How does practicing these two concepts increase prosperity in your life. We will talk to you on the show! Terryee... more

Hi Angels: Today we are going to talk about Loving two people at the same time. Is this possible? Talk to you on the show! Terryee and

Hi Angels, Tonight on blog talk radio we have an incredible story of a man who recovered from cancer and is now living his dream of singing and writing music. He just received a huge contract that is going to put him in front of millions of... more

Hi Angels, Tonight I am going to interview 3 women who are just starting on their sjpiritual journey. They are seeing and communicating with ththe angels. Is their something that they are doing to help you do the same with your own angels?... more

Hi Angels, Today Diane and I are going to talk about fear of intimacy in relationships. This fear can show up with emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy. What are the angel messages on this subject? We will discuss this... more

Hi Angels, Tonight we are going to have Duyane Champ a fitness coach to give us healthy eating habits to use now and after the holidays to help us reach our fitness goals. Talk to you tonight! Terryee

Hi Angels, Tonight on blog talk radio we are going to discuss your life purpose. How do you find it and how do you define it. Also, we will discuss the angels and guides who help you in this process. The show starts at 8:30 east coast. To ask... more

Hi Angels, Diane and I are going to chat about how do you know if your guy/girl is falling in love with you? What are 3 signs that we can all look for to know for sure. Talk to you on the show, Terryee and Diane !