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Terryee Abbott has been a spiritual clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since she was a small child. Over the years she has used this gift to help

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Hi Angels, Every Thursday I interview individuals that are living the life the love and loving the life they live. We will find out how in some cases have triumphed over tragedy.and created an extrodinary life with an extrodinary philosophy. Tonight we will interview Donna. Donna had went through a financial crisis. She was coming out of a challenging time when her husband of over 25 plus years died. How do you put your life back together. She will share her story of how she created a new life with prosperity in every area and will share her story and philosophy tonight on the show.
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Hi Angels, Today we are going to discuss; the top essential family and personal relationship values. 1. What are they? 2. How do we make them work in our family/personal relationship dynamic? 3. Who are the angels and guides who... more

Hi Angels, Tonight on blog talk radio Jhoel Gaona our fitness guru and Allison Gill, author, teacher and director of a private school in Georgia and myself will share how our self esteem and developing a sense of achievement is a mind,... more

Hi Angels, We have a great show on blog talk radio. Donna Howard, author and angel empowerment coach; will share the steps she did to recover from depression, grief and found a new life in the process. The steps she shares will... more

Hi Angels, What are discussing the qualities to develop in yourself to attract not the masses but the one love we all desire. Talk to you on the show, Corinne and Allison

Hi Angels, Tonight on Blog talk radio Allison Gill; author,teacher and child expert will share Parents do you walk your talk? How to set boundaries with your children, how to set clear boundaries with your child or children so that they... more

Hi Angels, Tonight on Blog talk radio we will be talking to Victoria. She will share how she healed herself of an illness that most of us think is impossible to heal. Learn the steps she took and process she used and how you can do the same... more

Hi Angels, Today on Blog talk radio we will discuss the bully in a relationship. How can you change the relationship or can you change it? Is the bully in the relationship one in every relationship he or she is in? When does the bullying... more

Dear Angels, Tonight we are going to talk to Dr. Lynn Lafferty, Lynn is a naturopath Doctor, has a PHD in pharmaceutical medicine and is a nutritionist too. She will share her journey in healing herself, law of attraction and how using... more

.HI Angels, Tonight on Blog talk radio we are going to discuss telekinesis, the ability to move objects by focusing your energy. Also we will talk about exercises to help you develop this ability. The show starts at 8:30 pm east coast. We... more

Hi Angels, Today on Blog talk radio we are going to talk Is it dating or mating and what is the difference? Talk to you on the show! Terryee