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Terryee Abbott has been a spiritual clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since she was a small child. Over the years she has used this gift to help

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Hi Angels Every Thursday angel coaches interviews individuals who are living the life they love and loving the life they live. We will talk and find how they in some situations triumphed over tragedy and have an extraordinary life by living their passion! Tonight I am going to interview Jeremy Shapiro. He has an incredible journey he has taken and continues to take. Jeremy is a master of meditative and creative visualization. This practice is used to work and heal on a mind body and spirit level and facilitates huge growth in all these areas. Find out how this will help you in every area of your life. We are broadcasting live on the air! Listen in at #BlogTalkRadio The show starts at 8 pm The call in number to ask a question and listen is 760 890 7143.
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Hi angels tonight on Blog talk radio we have a special speaker to share how she met her man of her dreams. It involves losing a fitness bet, a dating website, doubts about the new guy, power of intention, aromatherapy and some... more

.Hi Angels, Tonight I am going to talk about the akashic records. What What are the 3 reasons we access our akashic records? Talk to you on the show! Terryee

Hi Angels, Today we are going to talk about drama in relationships. We will discuss why the same thing happens again and again in relationships. How do we change it? What angels help with this situation. The show starts at 11 am The... more

Hi Angels, Tonight Keri is going to be a guest seaker on angel coaches blog talk radio show. share She will share how she is connecting with angels, soul linking with loved ones and finding and defining her life purpose and how you have the... more

.Hi angels, Tonight on blog talk radio I am going to share with you techniques I received in meditation recently to help you improve your manifesting skills. We will also hear a couple of stories of people who are manifesting with a... more

Hi angels, Today on blog talk radio we are going to talk about how to soul link. This is your ability to connect with your soul mate and talk to him or her about your feelings, thoughts and ideas you may have not have had the courage to... more

Hi Angels, Tonight on Blog talk radio I have a special guest speaker who had a wake up call about a year ago and decided to take charge of her life and create a new life style by mastering the spirit mind and body connection. she has... more

Hi Angels, Tonight on blog talk radio we are going to discuss Angus an ascended master of twin flame/twin souls. We will discuss how to connect with Angus, how to work with him to help you find and or develop your twin flame/twin soul... more

Hi Angels, Today on blog talk radio we are going to talk about what women/men want in bed? Allison and myself will have a fun, lively and interactive conversation on this subject. Some information may really surprise you. It is all about... more

Hi angels, Tonight on blog talk radio we are going to discuss predictions for the the new year. Myself and two other angel coaches are going to talk about what to expect for 2014 on a individual, family, city, state and nation/ global scale. The... more