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C.D. - Clarence Thomas - Affirmatively Vindicated

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Ever since his confirmation as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, there probably hasn’t been one so polarizing and spoken of in the most disparaging terms.

Black people, while giving Barack Obama a free pass, as he continues to show his contempt for black people, Thomas is held to a standard. In all fairness, he is not burdened with term limits and daily scrutiny.

But,In light of recent SCOTUS decisions, he's viciously accused of deciding and opinionating on the “wrong side” of black people.

His decisions on affirmative action are used by his detractors, to label him, anti-affirmative action in principle, while benefitting from it himself, suggesting a desire to prevent other blacks from elevating themselves.

2 weeks ago a caller parroted these sentiments, but could not qualify them. In fact, I’ve yet to receive any evidence of an affirmative action program where Thomas personally benefitted..

It is affirmative action, that strongly captures the attention of black people, like no other issue. Obviously, many have benefitted from programs which understandably and justifiably were created, to assist the decedents of slaves in America, Is it still needed?

Maybe, better put, in the 21st century, has it become so metamorphosed, that it has outlived its original usefulness, even being “high-jacked” ?

Will the recent Court decision to uphold Michigan’s ban on race-based admission standards, lead to an avalanche of higher-education denial for black people?

How about the Bakke decision, which many liberals seem to conveniently “forget”, in assessing the events of the day?

Wherever you stand on these issues, we can agree that we are at a critical point in history, as we see before our very eyes, uncertainty, confusion, angst and trepidation.