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Critical Discourse - I CAIN not fall for "My Brother's Keeper"

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A New Day 4 Al Islam

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Yesterday, Barack Obama unveiled his My Brother’s Keeper program, aimed at improving the lives of African-American and Hispanic males. We’ve heard this “tune” before, as the former Mayor of NYC, initiated a similar program.

Undoubtedly, there will be those, well familiar with my position on Obama, who will see this as the long-awaited “gotcha” moment, in an attempt to mute me.

Don’t count on it.

After Obama's ignoring the plight of black people, in deference to other groups, I am expected to believe that this was part of a master strategy to assure re-election, so he could “do more good”? So, he made it a point to talk down to black people, so he could “do more good”?

Outside of the $200M budget / partnership with corporate donors, I don’t know the specifics of “My Brother’s Keeper”. But to be blunt, I have no reason to believe it will be anything more than what reflects his liberal, amoral, immoral views on life and culture.

Of course, there’s the vaguely, remote possibility I have it all wrong, but given that I’ve been batting near 1,000, when it comes to projecting, dissecting, thus forming-the-basis-in-rejecting his ideas and ideals, I doubt it.

Yet, his supporters see My Brother’s Keeper as the long-awaited ray of hope, a vindication to what they even know, has been dismissiveness of black people and black issues.  Undoubtedly, I'll be reminded, how Atty. Gen. Eric Holder is championing "the cause" by calling for a reduction of jail time, of black drug offenders.  And, there’s the voter “disenfranchisement” issue.

And since race is in the air, I may reveiw Clarence Thomas’ speech on the race matters.

Hope to retouch on the issue of black women’s obesity, as well.