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Critical Discourse – A Critical Look at “Colorism”

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I’ve been fit to be tied, ever since learning that Django Unchained star, Sam L. Jackson, in his heralded “role” as the “Uncle Tom”, purposely had makeup applied, with the expressed purpose, to look darker. I

Ostensibly, to represent notables such as Justice Thomas, there was NO outcry from the black community “leaders”, at this clear attempt to demonize a segment, amongst our people. I wonder what the reaction would be, if “Uncle” Jackson would have gone out the way to look lighter?

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, of what too many know, is a classic case of “Colorism”; the perception and ensuing practice and culture, whereby black people of darker hue are looked upon as less attractive, less intelligent and less worthy of respect, than our lighter-skinned brothers and sisters.

“She’s dark, but pretty”, “Tar Baby”, “Black Monkey”, “Black Spasm”, [mothers speaking to her child], “I’ll knock the black off of you”; sound familiar?

Why are skin whiteners so popular in Africa, today? How about this observation; the vast majority of black, homeless peoples are dark-skinned?

Join us with sister Oneleilove, to discuss this very sensitive issue, which still defines our well-established and artificial lines of cultural and social demarcation.

This should prove to be a most telling and introspective discussion, which I ardently hope and pray, will put us on the path to healing and REAL change!

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